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Do you have a gathering at home and can’t decide what to have as the perfect starter!? Well, if you are still looking for options, you should definitely try the delicious Dahi lasooni chicken tikka! Let’s admit; as non-vegetarians, our hearts are set on a variety of chicken dishes. After all, the flavourful, succulent, and crisp texture of the chicken is something we love to devour. Plus, with this recipe of Dahi lasooni chicken tikka, we are sure that this dish is going to be a new addition to your appetizer menu.This dahi lasooni chicken tikka is tossed in a marinade which is spicy, garlicky, creamy and also full of herbs to give that extra kick of flavour. You can even wrap this chicken tikka in a rumali roti or plain roti to make a delicious chicken tikka wrap. Pair it with green chutney and lacchedar pyaaz for maximum Indulgence! Check out the recipe for this dahi lasooni chicken tikka below.Here Is The Recipe Of Dahi Lasooni Chicken Tikka | Dahi Lasooni Chicken Tikka RecipeTo make this recipe, first, marinate the chicken in curd and add chopped garlic, ginger paste, Kaju paste and green chilli paste to the marination. Next, add some chopped dhaniya, salt as per taste and garam masala. Also, add black salt, chat masala, cream and cheese. Keep the marination aside for half an hour. Leave it overnight, if possible, for better absorption of flavours. Apply butter and then grill on a pan for at least 10 – 15 minutes.Once done, garnish with some extra butter and serve.For the full recipe of Dahi Lasooni Chicken Tikka, click here.Make this recipe and let us know how you liked the taste of it!

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