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Picture shows a python entering a house.Social media is a repository of the strange, which can give you goosebumps. Indian Forest Officer (IFS) Susanta Nanda has added to that by posting a close-up video of a python crossing the outer wall of a house.I had seen many photo shopped videos…But this was a photo shocked one to me ????Via Escribano— Susanta Nanda IFS (@susantananda3) July 11, 2022″I had seen many photo shopped videos… But this was a photo shocked one to me,” the IFS officer said in the caption of the video, crediting it to a Twitter user named escribano.In the viral video, the python is seen crawling to the front door of the house, where a motorcycle and a bicycle are parked. A water container can also be seen outside the main door.Since being shared, the video has received over 55,000 views and 1,900 likes so far.The python’s size has not been confirmed in the video, but Twitter users were startled to see something as big as an anaconda. Many users may be seen questioning if it’s real.”Goshhh..that’s huge!!! Is this photoshopped? Or Real?” wrote a user.Another said, “This isn’t a python, anaconda probably.”Some users said that it’s a Reticulate python.Last month, a team of researchers discovered the largest Burmese python ever captured in Florida. The researchers said that the python’s last meal was an entire white-tailed deer, according to a report in the BBC.The female Burmese python, which weighed 215 pounds (98 kilogrammes) and measured over 18 feet (5 metres), was captured after researchers deployed a male “scout” to locate her.She had 122 developing eggs while she was caught, the Conservancy of Southwest Florida said in a news release.The female python fought with researchers for about 20 minutes before being subdued.Click for more trending news

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