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Anthropic has made quite a few waves since it first introduced Claude, an AI chatbot and one of the biggest competitors for ChatGPT. While Claude and ChatGPT have some significant differences, the latest version of Anthropic’s AI, Claude 3, could help the company push ahead.

The new update was revealed this week, and it includes a suite of artificial intelligence models that Anthropic says are the fastest and most powerful that it has ever developed. Claude 3 has some big new features to offer, including the option to upload images and documents, as well as the ability to summarize up to 150,000 words or so. For comparison, ChatGPT currently has the capacity to summarize around 3,000 words.

Further, Anthropic claims that Claude 3 outperforms both Google’s Gemini Ultra and OpenAI’s GPT-4 in industry benchmark tests, including undergraduate level knowledge, graduate level reasoning, and basic level mathematics. Claude 3 also marks the first time that Anthropic has offered multimodal support, allowing users to upload photos, charts, documents, and various other types of unstructured data for the AI to analyze.

When Anthropic first hit the scene around a year ago, it seemed like a promising AI startup. However, with the release of Claude 2 last year, and now the debut of Claude 3, the company is quickly finding backers in Amazon, Salesforce, and Google, allowing it to become a solid competitor for ChatGPT in both the consumer and enterprise sectors.

Anthropic hasn’t shared any data on how long it took to train Claude 3, or how much the AI will cost, but it did say that established companies including Asana and Airtable helped to A/B test the new models that Claude 3 is built on.

You can try out Claude 3 for yourself if you want to take it for a spin.

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