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Chrome version 122 is finally rolling out, and Google says it will bring quite a few changes to the browser, including an AI writing assistant and few other tweaks. The update started rolling out recently, so if it’s not available for you yet, hold tight.

To try out the new AI-powered writing assistant, start composing a message. After typing in a few words, select Help Me Write. Google says the feature should help you create longer and properly formatted messages, but as I noted above, I haven’t had a chance to test out its usefulness just yet. Google also hasn’t said which version of its Gemini AI is powering the tool. That’s an important bit of information, as there are some stark differences between the kind of results you’ll get with the free version of Gemini and Gemini Advanced. This new tool is part of Google’s ongoing play to expand its AI offerings across devices, and we’ll no doubt see more Gemini-powered features in future Chrome updates, too.

Chrome 122 will also bring Read Aloud to everyone on Android that uses Google Chrome. This feature will read out any text on the screen that you’ve selected, which should come in handy for users with vision impairments. Chrome 122 will also offer a bit of a performance boost thanks to changes to Safe Browsing, Google’s attempt to point out dangerous websites before you visit them. You’ll still be notified that a website isn’t safe, but HowtoGeek notes that the feature won’t contribute to page load times anymore.

To check for updates in Chrome, simply press the three vertical dots at the top of the browser, select Help, then About Google Chrome. If any updates are available, you’ll see them there.

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