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One of the things that can make delicious food more enjoyable is definitely some good company. When at the dinner table with your loved ones, you can relish the food and reminisce about the old days.  It seems Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth thinks along the same lines as he recently had a wholesome dinner at a restaurant with his family and shared some glimpses on Instagram.Well, it wasn’t just the food that helped the actor and his family have a great time. In the clip, shared by Hemsworth, the chefs at the restaurant are seen not only preparing what appears to be some lip-smacking Asian food but also making sure to keep the diners entertained.Wearing LED party goggles, the chefs throw some sick moves and prompt Chris Hemsworth to joke, “He isn’t not gonna cook our food, is he?” In another clip, the Thor actor goes all in as the chef tosses food into his mouth and he successfully grabs it before flexing his arms and leaving everyone at the table, including his wife Elsa Pataky, in splits.The show doesn’t end here as the cooks then rope in Chris Hemsworth’s three children, India Rose, Sasha and Tristan, for some impromptu dance and they all hop together. “Just a nice quiet dinner with the family..who would’ve thought a casual meal would’ve turned into a full blown festival!” the caption read.Now if you are craving for some Asian food then we have got some mouth-watering Japanese meal recipes.1. Yaki Soba noodlesA classic Japanese dish, Yaki Soba noodles has the all the right flavours. It has scrumptious prawns cooked with soba noodles and veggies and tossed with some condiments.2. Tofu Katsu CurryWhile the authentic katsu curry has meat in it, here we have brought the plant-based version of it. Made with tender and crispy breaded tofu cooked in rich and spicy curry sauce, this recipe can light up your next dinner. 3. Japanese Prawn TempuraAnother classic Japanese dish, prawn tempura is the simplest to make and the most delicious to munch. Check out the recipe. 4. Miso SoupNothing can be better than a hot bowl of soup in a winter evening. This miso soup offers lip-smacking Japanese flavours and all you need to prepare it is some tofu, miso, seaweed, and vegetable stock.5. Saucy Ramen NoodlesWe couldn’t have missed ramen. Regular ramen are classic but if you want to take your tastebuds on a joyride then try these noodles cooked in some rich, spicy, and flavourful sauces.Featured Video Of The DayEgg Tawa Masala Recipe | How To Make Egg Tawa Masala

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