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Cheese In Your Soda? This Bizarre Drink Combination Is Taking Internet By Storm 1
If there’s one thing people love, it’s topping food with cheese. The internet is filled with videos showing people adding cheese on top of all kinds of food. Even a simple visit to a roadside stall will show you the popularity of this topping – we see cheese being grated on top of everything from dosas to pav bhaji. But it’s not every day that we hear of cheese being added on top of drinks. The idea sounds far from appetising, doesn’t it? At least that’s what many internet users felt when they saw a recent Instagram video showing a drink called ‘Cheese Soda Blast.'(Also Watch: Mashed Potatoes Out Of Lays? Woman Shares Recipe, Internet Not Convinced)The reel was posted by a food blogger named Mayur Surti on his Instagram page @foodie_addicted_. It shows a man in a shop first filling a glass with crushed ice. He then adds a layer of peanuts. He proceeds to fill the glass with pineapple soda and blueberry soda. Finally, he generously grates cheese on top and serves the drink to the customer. According to the caption, the shop is called ‘Powerfull Soda’ and is located near Rander Bus Stop in Surat. Watch the full video below:The reel has received more than 10K likes so far, but netizens are far from convinced by what the blogger is calling a “Summer Special Drink.” While some are downright horrified, others are cracking sarcastic jokes about this bizarre soda drink. Here is how some of the people reacted:”Are you kidding me? Stop wasting cheese for god’s sake.””Peanuts, cheese in soda? Soda hai ki dabeli?””This is not fair, you were also supposed to put ketchup, mayo, sev, Schezwan chutney, and soy sauce just like all bizarre food items.””Amul: meri cheese ka galat istemaal ho raha he ma.””This should be illegal.””Pass ke hospital ka address bhi dena chahiye esske saath.””Bhai, vanilla ice cream, rabdi or butter me nahati hui gravy to reh gayi daalni.””Tadka baki reh gaya hai, woh bhi laga do.””Hey bhagwaan mera toh insaaniyat pr se barosa hi uth gaya hai ab.”(Also Read: Leave Pani Puri Alone! Thums Up Pani Puri Angers Twitter Users)Last week, a video showing a home chef making “Maggie Curd Pizza” went viral and received a similar response from netizens. Click here to read the full story. What do you think of these weird food combinations? Do you think they would actually taste good? Let us know in the comments.Featured Video Of The DayHoney Chilli Chicken Popper Recipe | How To Make Honey Chilli Chicken PopperAbout Toshita SahniToshita is fuelled by wordplay, wanderlust, wonderment and Alliteration. When she is not blissfully contemplating her next meal, she enjoys reading novels and roaming around the city.

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