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Here we will look at the best ODI team one could have from the current generation players.

1. So starting with the openers, let’s select Chris Gayle as of the opener. The reason being that the world has seen many aggressive batsmen but the kind of aura Gayle had or the kind of fear the bowlers had when Gayle stepped out to bat onto the field is on another level. And an opener should definitely have this kind of aura.

2. Next opener will be the hitman Sharma i.e Rohit Sharma. He is surely not an orthodox opener but Yess it’s really difficult for the opposite team to get relax when he is on the field. Also, he completes the match and has the capability of playing complete 50 overs which only a few openers have. Also adding him will give a left-right combination.

3. One down will be Kohli. There is no need to mention a lot of why he’ll be in that position. His records and statistics say a lot of why he owns the number 3 position.

4. Ab de Villiers will be in the 4th position. He is certainly one of the most lovable players throughout the world and that’s just because of his playing style, his shots, his fielding, his behavior, and whatnot. It is very important to keep such a player on 4th position who can pace the match with a run a ball inning and at times can also play a 100 of 50 ball inning. And Mr.360 is certainly the best man for both the jobs.

5. Jos butler will be in the 5th position. Again butler has the ability to beautifully pace the innings when the team losses early wickets and he can also show a powerpack performance any day.

6. In the 6th position, the team needs a great finisher and after saying finisher, the first image that comes in mind is of Msd. One really cannot imagine an ODI team without him. He will also be the wicketkeeper as well as the captain of this team.

7. Now there is a need for a bowling all-rounder in 7th position. And he will be Ben stocks. The whole world knows his capability and his hold on this game whether it’s batting or bowling.

8. 8th position player will be Rashid Khan. The team needed a spinner. And who is better than Rashid Khan. So no doubt that if we want only one spinner in the team then he will be definitely the one.

So as per the team is chosen till now, it’s clear that the 9th,10th, and the 11th position will be for the fast bowlers.

9. So 1st fast bowler on the 9th position will be Mitchell stark. The Australian fast bowler has the great ability to take wickets with the new ball and has the ability to threaten the batsmen with his high speed and deadly bouncers.

10. On 10th position will be Trent bolt. He is just beautiful when it comes to swing the bowl and also a good wicket-taker bowler.

11. The last man on the list will be none other than Jasprit Burmah. The job of fast bowlers is to create fear among the batsmen and we don’t find any batsman in this era who is not afraid of this man. Deadly Yorkers, classic good deliveries, bouncers, and what, not this man has. He is extremely good with the new as well as the old ball.

So, these were the best ODI XI of the current generation.

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