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Picture shows getting the bear shocked as soon as it spots its own reflection in the mirrorA hilarious video is going viral on the internet, which shows a bear looking itself in the mirror and getting surprised. The mirror, which appears to have been set up on a pole in the woods, catches the attention of the bear passing through the area. As soon as the animal spots its own reflection, it gets shocked.The bear is first seen jumping away from the mirror, then again peeking into it to find if there’s actually another animal. It quickly moves to the back of the mirror to see if the “other bear” is standing behind it but couldn’t find it.Enraged, it pulls the mirror down on the ground, still trying to find out where is the “other bear”. The video ends there abruptly.It has been shared by a user named 76doremi on social media platform Reddit with the caption: “Reaction of the bear after seeing himself for the first time,” reads the caption.The video has managed to receive more than 14,000 up votes and hundreds of remarks in just one day. Users have posted funny comments after watching the video.One user wrote, “Homie ripped that mirror out with his bear hands.””On the third day of a three day weekend,” another user said.A third user shared a funny story, “I was at a department store in the middle of the day looking at some shirts and some dude kept creeping closer and closer to me, and as I jerked my head up to give him a dirty look, I realized it was a mirror.” Click for more trending news

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