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Anushka Ranjan’s Latest Binge Is All About Lip-Smacking Delicacies 1
Anushka Ranjan has kickstarted the New Year 2023 on a delicious note. Wonder what made us say this? We suggest, check out her social media feed and decide for yourself. Currently, the actress is having a blast in Dubai. Right from the fun outings with husband and actor Aditya Seal and friends to gorging on finger-licking food, Anushka is busy making the most of her trip to the UAE. And keeping up with her tradition, Anushka is flooding our Instagram feeds with glimpses of it all. What do we get to see on Anushka’s Instagram Stories? Anushka devoured a whole lot of treats at a popular cafe in Dubai. Her foodie updates started off with a delicious, rich brew. It looks like a flavoured coffee topped with dried crushed rose petals. Also read: Anushka Ranjan Gorged On Sumptuous Burgers And More  Next, we saw a delectable preparation of poached eggs made with certain sauces and other ingredients. It was topped with micro greens. Some bread slices accompanied the egg dish. Sounds tempting, isn’t it?Anushka Ranjan’s next slide, in the series, left us with a rumbling tummy. It showed an elaborate colourful platter that came decorated with many food items. Besides, it also carried a classic balance of health and taste. There was a lovely preparation of greens topped with white sesame seeds, served right in the centre of the plate. Alongside, we saw sliced avocados garnished with black and white sesame seeds, as well as pumpkin seeds. We could also spot a piece of gorgeous red-hued bread on the side. There’s some cheese along with other food items.Anushka Ranjan ended her meal with a sumptuous dessert. Her Instagram Stories featured classic French toast. The perfectly caramelised French toast was topped with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream. The yummy sweet delicacy was topped with crushed pistachios and rose. The beautiful way in which the delight was served on the platter had us drooling.  How do you like Anushka Ranjan’s foodie trip in Dubai? Do let us know in the comments section below. Featured Video Of The DayHoney Chilli Chicken Popper Recipe | How To Make Honey Chilli Chicken Popper

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