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Anand Mahindra Says "I Wish Remote Was Never Invented". Here's Why 1
Anand Mahindra’s post soon went viral with over 14,000 likes.Industrialist Anand Mahindra recently shared a funny meme on Twitter featuring a vintage TV set from the 1960s. The text on the image reads, “My parents had a TV like this … I remember because I was the remote…” His post took the internet down memory lane.The 67-year-old industrialist wrote with the photo, “Brilliant. And I wish the remote was never invented…we would all be a few pounds lighter and more fit!”The post soon went viral with over 14,000 likes in just a few hours.Check out the post here:Brilliant. And I wish the remote was never invented…we would all be a few pounds lighter and more fit!— anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) March 15, 2023Industrialist Anand Mahindra never ceases to amaze us with his social media posts. The social media users called the post pure nostalgia. A user commented, “There were very few channels then. A human remote will become underweight in today’s time.”Another user wrote, “Same story here too. #GharGharKiKahani Also those were the days when we had to rotate the antenna a bit (a lot) to ensure seamless picture quality. Needless to mention, I was quite an expert at that.””So much nostalgia with this picture. I was continuously holding or iterating on the antenna on the roof for my grandfather,” the third user wrote.”back then, when the TV channel options were limited, we zeroed in on our favourite channel within seconds. But now most of the viewing time is consumed in browsing or searching what to watch,” the fourth user commented.The fifth user wrote, “Just not about getting a pound lighter this also would help families stay together. Now everyone in their rooms .. on their mobiles and no time for family talk and discussion.”The Twitter handle of the Mahindra Group Chairman is full of interesting, inspiring and witty tweets, along with important life lessons for his 10.4 million followers. Click for more trending news

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