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Neetu Kapoor shared this photo (courtesy: neetu54)Alia Bhatt began the week by casually setting a match to the Internet like it was no big deal. The 29-year-old actress shared a post of herself and husband Ranbir Kapoor, pictured from behind, looking at what seems like an ultrasound result on a hospital monitor that’s obscured by a heart emoji. “Our baby coming soon,” Alia captioned the post after which the Internet blew up. That was how she kicked Monday into action; Alia wrapped the day by changing her Instagram profile picture to one of herself in Ranbir’s arms – the photo had been shared in a post by Neetu Kapoor shortly before and in a comment on her mother-in-law’s post, Alia Bhatt wrote: “My favourite picture.”Here’ a screenshot of Alia Bhatt’s Instagram as it is now:This is Neetu Kapoor’s post with Alia’s comment:Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor married on April 14 and both actors have packed schedules – Alia is filming her Hollywood debut Heart Of Stone, Ranbir is promoting Shamshera and both have a big release on the way in Brahmastra.Based on these factors, not everyone has taken Alia Bhatt’s post at face value; while congratulations have flooded in, some comments on the Internet have theorized that the bun in the Bhatt-Kapoor oven is not a baby but a work project. Brahmastra, long in the making and during the filming of which Alia and Ranbir fell in love, is the obvious candidate.”I’m pretty sure this is going to be a movie ka promotion or something,” read one comment. “What if the baby is Brahmastra? One beautiful campaign,” read another. A third read: “100% sure this is publicity stunt for Brahmastra, your baby.”We’ll leave the hypotheses and speculation to the Internet; having said that, we did spot a theme to the pictures shared by the Bhatts and the Kapoors, starting with Alia’s original post, the second photo in which is one of a lion, lioness and cub. Her mother Soni Razdan left a comment that read, “Congratulations mama and papa lion.” Soni Razdan posted photos on her own Instagram late on Monday. “May your tribe increase,” she captioned two pictures of Alia and Ranbir on safari in Kenya – they vacationed there over the New Year. The wildlife reference also popped up in other posts – the picture Neetu Kapoor used that is now Alia’s Instagram DP is also from the couple’s safari and so is the photo the actress’ sister Shaheen Bhatt used in her post, captioned “Mom and dad.” Make of these what you will. 

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