Strange India All Strange Things About India and world

  • Conceptualization: P.J.M., I.P., G.I., H.P.M., S. Mukhopadhyay, E.K., S.B.M., S.M.W., G.D., A.M.L.L., D.G., H.G., M.S.S. and J.F. Data curation: P.J.M., I.P., G.I., E.K., I.B., C.W.T., M.K.D., M.P.S.M. and H.G. Performed experiments: I.P., G.I., H.P.M., S. Mukhopadhyay, C.S.K., A. Ciuffi, G.I., S.C., E.K., L.M.S., J.F.H. and H.G. Data analysis: P.J.M., I.P., G.I., H.P.M., S. Mukhopadhyay, E.K., I.B., A. Ciuffi, C.W.T., R.H.T., S.C., P.A., T.C., S.F., T.P., I.J., W.C.S., A. Bassett, M.K.D., M.P.S.M., J.F.T., E.K., J.F.H., S.B.M., H.G. and D.G. Administration: I.P., C.P., D.G., M.S.S. and J.F. Provision of resources: M.W., L.M.S., A. Bashirova, S.B., M.C., A. Cossarizza, A.D.L., J.J.G., D.B.G., W.K., G.D.K., N.A.K., A.H.K., O.L., M.L., S. Mallal, J.M.-P., L.M., J.M.M., P.M., A.A.M., J.I.M., N.O., F.P., F.A.P., G.P., M.A.P., A.R., I.T., A.T., B.D.W., C.A.W., S.M.W. and J.-F.Z. Writing: P.J.M., I.P., E.K., D.G., H.G., M.S.S. and J.F. All of the authors edited the manuscript.

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