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Adorable Video Of Mama Polar Bear Cuddling Its Cub Is Too Cute 1
The viral video has amassed more than 4 lakh views on TwitterA mother’s love knows no boundaries. The bond is all about pure emotions and unwavering love for each other. Proving this, a video of a mother polar bear and its little cub in the snow is going viral on the internet. The adorable clip radiates love and cuteness.Shared on Twitter by Buitengebieden, the caption of the video reads, “Mommy and her cub..”The video shows a mother bear cuddling its cub while being surrounded by ice. Further in the video, the little one crawls onto the big bear and gives a kiss. The mother bear adores its baby’s back and enjoys playing with it.Watch the video here:Mommy and her cub.. 😊🎥 IG: rmsteckphotography— Buitengebieden (@buitengebieden) January 1, 2023The viral video has amassed more than 4 lakh views on Twitter and has collected tons of reactions. The internet couldn’t stop gushing over the love shown by the mama bear. A user wrote, “Funny how something so cute can turn into something crazy horrifying in seconds…and eat you!!!”Another user wrote, “The most fierce predators can express the gentility of love.”The third user wrote, “This is a natural scene of Mother and Child love which is mesmerizing!”The fourth user commented, “Never has someone chewing on your face ever felt so good! A sweet bond. And by golly, I’m telling you that polar bear looks like she is smiling!” Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The DayLula Da Silva Becomes Brazil’s President For 3rd Time

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