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I’m a fan of Nanoleaf. Sure, you can use the 16 million color combinations the LEDs provide for all kinds of party-ready light schemes, but Nanoleaf does calming and subtle light schemes exceedingly well, too. They’re hella fun, and right now almost the entire store is 20% off through the weekend with the code SUPERSPRING2024. The sale excludes bundles, Umbra lamps, and Skylights (which is a shame, because I love mine). Still, here’s what I’d grab.

Nanoleaf 4D Screen Mirror + Lightstrip Kit

Position the included camera over your television, and add the light strip to the back of your TV; the result gives your TV an aura that actually made me giggle with delight. When the TV is on, the lights can emulate the colors on the TV, changing subtly. When the TV is off, you can have the lights move to music or just choose from one of the preloaded themes. More importantly, the 4D can be the base for all the other lights in the room, so they all tune to the same color and motion band and work in unison.

Hexagon and Triangle Wall Panels

Nanoleaf’s light shapes attach to the wall and can be infinitely expanded on to create any shape you can imagine. They’re also touch sensitive, so you can adjust the light theme with a swipe of the finger.

Elements Hexagons Smarter Kit

If you prefer a different look than the matte white or black plastic of the shapes, the wood finish of these elements provide a completely different look with the same functionality.

Canvas Smarter Kit

These square wall panels can be expanded on like shapes, but that’s not their main charm. They are touch sensitive as well, but also programmable so the touch can result in different actions. These are incredible tools for kids to work with.

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