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7 Everyday Indian Spices You Should Keep In Your Pantry 1
Are you new to Indian cooking and don’t know which spices to keep in your pantry? Don’t worry! You have come to the right place. Indian cuisine is famous for its diverse use of spices and seasonings. Spices and seasonings are the heart of Indian cooking and their presence in all Indian dishes is quite evident. Some spices are region-specific yet made their place in almost every Indian household. Moreover, Indian spices are power-packed with various health benefits that make them stand out from the rest of the spices in the world. Here we have compiled a list of seven essential spices that are commonly used in everyday Indian cooking.Here Are 7 Everyday Indian Spices You Should Keep In Your Pantry:1. TurmericAlso known as haldi in Hindi, turmeric is a staple spice used in almost all Indian curries. It adds a bright yellow colour and an earthy flavour to the dish. Moreover, turmeric is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties and has several health benefits.Turmeric has many health benefits. Photo Credit: istock2. Red Chili PowderMade from sun-dried red chillies, red chilli powder or lal mirch powder is used to add spiciness to Indian dishes. It also imparts a vibrant red colour to the curries.Also Read: Kitchen Hack: How To Keep Rice Free From Insects3. CuminCumin seeds, known as jeera in Hindi, are a crucial spice used in Indian cooking. They are typically used whole and added to hot oil to bring out their strong flavour.Cumin is mostly used in Indian curries and vegetables. Photo Credit: istock4. CorianderThe seeds of the cilantro plant are known as coriander seeds and are widely used in Indian cuisine. To make it easier to use, it is recommended to grind the coriander seeds into a fine powder called dhania powder.5. Green CardamomGreen cardamom or elaichi is a fragrant spice used in Indian chai and various non-vegetarian dishes. Just two elaichis are enough to add a strong aroma to the dish.Elaichi has a refreshing and earthy aroma. Photo Credit: istock6. AsafoetidaPopularly known as hing, asafoetida is a highly aromatic spice that should be used in the right ratio to get the desired flavour. Just a pinch of hing added to hot oil can work wonders in the dish.Also Read: From Dosa To Sevai: 4 Millet-Based Breakfast Recipes To Try Today7. Bay LeavesBay leaves or tej patta are used to enhance the taste of Indian curries and steamed white rice. They are typically used as whole leaf to impart an earthy flavour to the dish.These seven basic spices are a must-have in your Indian pantry. However, Indian cuisine also uses many other spices and seasonings like garam masala, mustard seeds, fenugreek, and more. So, feel free to experiment with different spices and seasonings to create unique and delicious Indian dishes.

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