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5 reasons why car insurance is important in the monsoonMonsoon is when you need to take extra care of your car. A vehicle breakdown is a common sight on rainy days. Having car insurance will save you from some unnecessary expenses this season.  As per the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, third-party car insurance is mandatory. Most insurers don’t cover man-made disasters or damages caused by weather conditions.That’s why you need to get add-ons. Here are a few important ways to choose car insurance policies to cover damages during monsoon.   Service before rainsIt’s advisable to send your car for regular servicing before the onset of the monsoon. The engine, air filter, fuel filter, tyres and other parts must be checked properly and changed if needed. The regular servicing can be covered under your existing insurance policy, and you may not need to spend extra money.  Replace TyresInundated roads increase the threat of accidents during monsoon, so it’s time to check your car tyres. Experts suggest that the threads on your car tyre should be deep enough for better safety as it prevents skidding on a slippery road.Engine ProtectionEngine seizure during monsoon is another common problem. Cars with lower ground clearance face a higher risk of engine failure on waterlogged roads. The standard insurance policies don’t cover engine failure during rain. It would help if you bought it as an add-on with your existing policy.Towing AssistanceIt’s difficult to even get out of your car when it gets stuck in the middle of a waterlogged road. Roadside assistance will be quite helpful in such a situation. You can get a towing vehicle to move your car to the nearest service centre or the garage. You can even get a mechanic at your location. For this, your insurance should have on-road assistance coverage.Consumable expensesThe regular third-party insurance covers major damages and large spares. Most car insurance policies do not cover small repairs or replacements of smaller parts. Consumable covers under the vehicle insurance policy save you from expenses on small spare parts like nuts and bolts, brakes and mirrors.

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