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The Sony MDR-7506 are a staple in the audio world. They have been a standard setter and an undefeated force for the headphone industry ever since their release in 1991. Their audio quality has been revered by audio nerds, podcasters, and musicians in recording studios, and having owned mine for more than six years now, I can attest to their reliability, durability, and sound quality. But they’re not for everyone: The headphones are wired with a long and heavy coiled cable, so they’re not great for moving around, even at home if you’re moving from room to room. There are cords you can buy to replace the standard one that are much shorter and have microphones, so that might not be a dealbreaker. They’re usually $100, according to Camelcamelcamel, but you can find them for $80 right now on Amazon; unfortunately, they cannot be shipped in time for Christmas.

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