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5 Best Crispy Snacks Made With Dal For A Bit Of Both Crunch And Protein 1
Evening time is all about tea. Give us our hot cup of tea and some indulgent crispy snacks and we are happy. In India, there is no dearth of mouth-watering snacks for evening tea time. Samosa, pakoda and tikki are everywhere. If you don’t want to go out, you can easily make them at home too. But if you also want to kick in some energy into your body, protein is what you should add to your plate. Here comes dal to the rescue! Bring out the dals that you love and make some lip-smacking snacks with them for good taste and a punch of protein.Also Read: These 7 Street-Style Snacks Will Elevate Your Tea Time ExperienceHere’re 5 crispy snacks you can make with dal:1. Moong Dal PakodiThe small, bite-sized fritters garnished with chutneys can make your hunger stop the instant you finish off a plate. But your appetite never stops asking for more. Click here for the recipe for delicious moong dal pakodi to make for tea time.2. Moong Dal SamosaYou must have had samosa with aloo, matar and even paneer, but this moong dal-stuffed samosa will take your taste buds on a different joy ride. Try it to believe us. Click here for the recipe for moong dal samosa.3. Dal KachoriEnjoy this famous snack all the way from the streets of Rajasthan. The fried kachori filled with the goodness of urad dal, tamarind and coconut, mixed with spices like garam masala and chilli powder, is an explosion of flavours. Click here for the recipe for dal kachori.4. Aloo Dal TikkiGive your aloo tikki a protein makeover with the addition of chana dal. You are going to love the unique flavours of this tikki, and so will your family members and guests you serve them to. Click here for the recipe for aloo dal tikki.5. Moong Dal KebabThis is the best appetiser to serve to your vegetarian friends at your house party. Made easily with the light moong dal, these meaty kebabs are going to be the star of your snack platter. Click here for the recipe for moong dal kebab.Put your stock of various dals to good use with these crispy and crunchy dal snacks.Featured Video Of The Day

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