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Screenshot: EarthBound

There are many ways to experience retro games on a modern TV and from the comfort of your living room—and chief among them are services like Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack. In addition to providing access to online play and downloadable content for your new games, Nintendo’s online service is loaded with great emulators for various retro consoles, including Nintendo’s own heavy hitters the Super NES and Game Boy, but also the Sega Genesis.

The emulation quality is top notch (outside of some weirdness on the traditionally difficult-to-emulate Nintendo 64), and a host of quality-of-life features (rewind, save states, and access to region-specific versions of the games among them) make Nintendo Switch Online one of the best ways to relive the past without having to learn what “FPGA” means.

With the basic Nintendo Switch Online tier ($19.99/year for an individual account), you get access to titles on the NES, Super NES, Game Boy, and Game Boy Color libraries. For an extra $30 a year, Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack ($49.99/year for an individual account) also gives you access to games for the Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance, and Sega Genesis.

A list of all of must-play games on the service would be five miles long and include 75% of what’s on there (it really is a quality retro library). Instead, I’ve created a list that combines the expected stone cold classics with lesser-known curiosities that deserve your attention alongside the Super Mario Bros. 3s, Link’s Awakenings, and Tetrises out there.

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