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I’ve vented about this before, which I’ll paste below to save myself the mental anguish of getting all worked up again:

“Have you ever been walking to your car in a parked lot, only to notice a Kia Sorento on your tail? Once you (hopefully) rule out kidnapping, it’s clear that the driver is not after you, but your parking spot. They lurk and linger, waiting for you to drive away so they can snag the opening. And while there’s nothing obviously illegal about tailing someone back to their parking spot, here’s the thing: I’m not crazy about the power dynamic between my oh-so fragile body and the 3,000 pounds of steel waiting on me to clear up a space.”

In short, nobody likes a lurker.

“If you see someone climbing back into their car do not stop in the aisle, waiting for them to back out. The reality of modern life is that someone returning to their car will start the engine to get their A/C and radio running, then spend the next minute or more organizing their phone—all before even starting to think about leaving. Unless you see backing lights, do not block the aisle waiting for them.”—​​MonkeyT

“Further, don’t block the car getting out of the spot. I’ve had a few people waiting for my spot in the exact location I needed to back into. Help me help you.”Omega Unlimited 

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