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The ladies of GLOW lined up near the ring

Screenshot: GLOW/Netflix

Wrestling isn’t just for grandmas anymore. (My grandma was really, really into pro-wrestling when I was a kid. I assume that is the norm.)

The United States has at least six major wrestling promotions (that’s what they are called, though you’ve probably also heard them referred to as “federations”). There are something like a dozen weekly pro wrestling shows running at any given time. What’s more, you don’t even have to be into wrestling to be kinda into wrestling: stars like John Cena, Dwayne “Formerly the Rock” Johnson, and Dave Bautista are everywhere, and prestige dramas like GLOW and Heels blend wrestling action with strong writing and compelling characters.

In fact, there has been a proliferation of such wrestling-adjacent shows, most of which can be enjoyed by fans but which will also serve as gateways to the uninitiated. And there are more on the way: Disney’s luchador action-comedy Ultra Violet & Blue Demon is arriving next year. Until then, here’s a bit of what’s out there right now for existing fans who want more, and for curious fans-to-be.

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