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Screenshot: A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas/New Line Cinema

The naughty Christmas movie is a venerable sub-genre, going back at least as far as 1974’s Black Christmas, a movie that scandalized audiences with the dual ideas that not only are people super horny during the holidays, they also are occasionally contemplating murder.

Black Christmas does not make our list of Christmas movies to avoid watching with your family because, of course, you should absolutely watch Black Christmas with your family. Everyone needs to understand the dangers of sorority house slashers during the holiday season. Meanwhile, there’s a new David Harbour-starring action-comedy about the literal Santa Claus fighting off hostage-taking mercenaries that you definitely don’t want to try to explain to your Aunt Carol.

Violent Night – Official Trailer

Here are 13 more movies that are best watched after the kids and/or grandma have gone to bed—which isn’t to assume grandma is uncool, only that you might not want to sit around after Christmas dinner watching Eyes Wide Shut with her (she’s already seen it a million times and won’t stop quoting the dialogue, you see).

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