Young TikTok star commits suicide: What is so gravely wrong with our "suicide is not an option" attitude  | The Times of India

The bottom line is, we need to stop with the preaching about what we think is the “right criteria” to suffer from mental health conditions or when people chose to die by suicide. The same way, you will not ask someone who has a fracture to get it all together and soldier on, it is equally important to understand the hopelessness that sets in with mental illnesses. Instead of bashing and shaming the victim, the need of the hour is to encourage the person to seek professional help whenever the need comes. As an individual, you also need to diligently check on those close to you and help them defeat any demons they may be battling on their own. Most of all, the next time you think of schooling someone on why suicide is a cowardly act, remember you just might be pushing someone close to you further down the rabbit hole.

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