Working mothers are bearing the MOST brunt of the pandemic. Here is what you can do  | The Times of India

If you feel that every day is a new chaotic struggle between working for home, working from home, being a parent and a teacher to your little one, you are most likely facing the disproportionate burden at home. As much as you divide the responsibilities at home, a mother always comes forward as a primary caregiver for the children, in most cases. Sadly, the struggle for a working mama doesn’t simply end after balancing the responsibilities of homeschooling and acing professional work, as there are meals to be cooked, clothes to be washed and dishes to be cleaned.

Mothers, we understand if the weight on your shoulders seems to get heavier with every passing day, as it takes a tremendous amount of effort to focus on your work and get the kids through online schooling at the same time. We are listing down a few tips which may help you stay as sane as possible during these testing times and not bear the complete brunt of all the responsibilities:

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