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Step-by-Step Instructions

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1. If you are using a wooden piece for your canvas, sand the edges to get a nice smooth finish. If you’re using a wooden egg purchased from the craft store, chances are you won’t need to sand it, but just paint the base in a nice background color.

 2. Decide what design you are going to use to decoupage with, print out picture(s) and arrange on your piece WITHOUT glue to see where you want everything to go.


3. Cut out the design(s) first around the whole picture using large scissors.

 4. Define the print by using a pair of curved nail scissors and carefully cutting as close to the edges of the print as possible.

 5. Lay the design(s) on a scrap piece of paper after it’s been cut out.

 6. Go over the design(s) that have been cut out with colored pens, markers, pencils or acylic paint enhance the color and make them more vibrant if you wish (this is optional but I feel it gives your designs a more professional look)

 7. Once your design is color enhanced and dries completely, apply white craft glue or Modge Podge to the back of the design.  Carefully place it in the position you have decided on with your fingers (or tweezers) and just smooth the design on to the background. You may want to use thin craft gloves or you can also use a damp rag to smooth it over but make sure there’s not too much water on the rag or paper towel as you don’t want to saturate it.

 8. Continue this process until the piece looks the way you would like it to look, adding flowers where you feel they look the best. You might want to mix flowers in with other kinds but try to decide before using the glue to avoid mistakes.

 9. After it dries, and using your best judgement as to how long the word is that you want to stencil, position your stencil and using a pencil, stencil the word or words onto your piece. Go over the letters once you are satisfied with their placement with a black jelly pen or a black Deco art pen with a fine point.

10. Place two pencil marks at the top of your design where you think a hanger would look nice and using an electric drill, drill the holes (I was afraid of using a drill until I actually tried it, and I’m happy to say it’s not difficult at all).

11. Using a large brush, cover your piece with Modge Podge at least three times waiting for it to dry in between each coat.

12. Thread your craft wire through the drilled holes from the back to the front and curl the ends a few times with a pair of pliers (or your fingers as craft wire is very flexible) in the front after the wire goes through to give it a beautiful and professional look and also to keep the wire from falling off (see the intro module picture for reference to this step at the very top of this page).

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