Changes in Cricket Rules

Due to Coronavirus, every part of the world has suffered, and many are still suffering. Sports are also highly affected by the pandemic. Cricket, which is celebrated in India not just played is of the screen since the epidemic started. The governing body of Cricket is now planning to start the game with some changes in the laws.

Who Governs Cricket?

The International Cricket Council (ICC) governs the complete international Cricket. A representative from Australia, England, and South Africa founded this group in 1909, naming it as Imperial Cricket Council. However, it was renamed twice; in 1965, it became the International Cricket Conference, and in 1989, it was renamed as the International Cricket Council.

Who regulates the Laws of Cricket?

Now, the International Cricket Council is the one that permits countries to play with each other and makes sure that the game is entirely fair and transparent, but still, it cannot make or change the laws of the game.

It is the Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) that can change the laws; however, they always consult with (ICC) to do so. This club was founded in 1787. Furthermore, in 1788 it took responsibility for the laws of Cricket, issuing a revised version that the ICC implies year and all new laws in the international cricket.

Covid-19 and Cricket

Due to the virus, specific laws will be implied.

1- Using saliva to shine the ball will be prohibited.

2- Sharing a ball that has been lathered in saliva by different players will be prohibited.

3- Huddling, Shaking Hands, and Hugging before, after, and in between the game will also be prohibited.

The Shining

Cricketers use the saliva to polish the ball to get conventional and reverse swing in the direction of the rough side, and bowlers must make a balance. In the times, when it is said that the batsmen get the most of the advantages, it might create misbalance in the game.

What is the Alternative?

Kookaburra, which is a Cricket kit manufacturing brand, is developing a wax applicator that will shine or polish the ball without using saliva or sweat. However, this will be implied after proper testing. Some ball-tampering ways may become legal. In today’s cricket, ball-tampering is illegal, and many players have been suspended or fined due to this kind of activity. However, some artificial substances that help in polish and grip the ball were applied. Besides, there was a well-documented recent use of sugar from mints or lollies in a combination of saliva.

1-A substance called resin was used by bowlers in the early 20th century that helped them to polish and grip the ball. 

2-Lanolin, which is a type of wool wax, was also used by bowlers for a similar purpose.

Coronavirus is said to be destroying one of the greatest taboos of Cricket. However, the use of an artificial substance to polish the ball will be allowed only in the presence of the umpire.

ICC planning to bring a change

The ICC Medical Committee is working with medical representatives to create a suitable condition for playing in the time of the pandemic. The ICC is saying that it will create a road map for the game as in the time of “pandemic,” it is tough for all the cricketers to play. It is confirming that all advisories from The Government and Medical Authorities will be taken as priorities.

Economy of Cricket

The world’s richest tournament, the Indian Premier League, has been suspended indefinitely that makes US$11 billion for the Indian economy. The T20 World Cup that was about to happen in October 2020 is in jeopardy too. India is also due to play four Tests and three ODIs in December and January. This visit could cost Australia US$196 million if the series doesn’t happen as planned due to coronavirus.

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