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               A black hole is a region of space-time exhibiting gravitational force so strong that

nothing,no particle or electromagnetic radiation such as light,can escape from it.


               A Blackhole is not formed like any other matter in space.It is formed from the

death of a star. A star is powered by the nuclear fusion reaction of Hydrogen turning

into Helium. When the Hydrogen runs out, there is nothing for the star to burn. So, the

star starts to collapse on its own gravitational force and coming to the state where it can’t

shrink no more considering the mass and thus becoming a Blackhole.

              The weird thing is that, not only stars but any object in the universe could turn into

a Blackhole theoretically. For example, the Earth could turn into a blackhole if it is managed

to shrink to the size of a ‘Peanut’. This is based on the concept of Schwarzschild Radius.

It is the radius of an object  below which the object turns into a Blackhole when shrunk.

It is also the radius of an object below which that particular object can not be shrunken anymore.


               The Schwarzschild Radius differs from object to object. Some of the known as

Schwarzchild radius of  space object are given below.




               A blackhole consist of two major parts. Event horizon and Singularity.

The event horizon is the outermost part and it is also called “The point of no return”, because

the extreme gravity starts from there. Nobody knows what’s inside a blackhole. Scientists

believe that  a person falling inside the blackhole, would see the entirety of the Universe from

it’s birth to death. The weird thing is that if a person approaches a blackhole, when he

passes through the event horizon, he would be stretched infinitely due to the extreme gravity.

This is called Spaghettification.  


               Another weird thing is that if two persons are near a blackhole, and only one is

approaching it, the person who tries to fall in it would die instantly or see whatever is inside

the blackhole. The other person watching from enough distance would see him been

stretched and become slower and slower and might eventually disappear or stop in time.


               Due to the complex nature of  the blackhole, it is impossible to photograph a

blackhole. Scientists finally captured the shadow of the blackhole. This is the first official

image of the blackhole which is placed at the centre of the Galaxy M87.




                 This is a supermassive blackhole and the actual size of the middle(singularity) is

bigger than our solar system. If the Schwarzschild Radius is greater than our solar system,

think how big of a star must have died to form this giant…..  


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