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InvoSpa body massagers and the Aukey Smart Watch lead Tuesday’s best deals.

Promoted Deal: Up To 80% off Sex Toys | Lelo

Hey hey, for a short time, Lelo is having a Valentine’s Day sale on their sex toys. You’ll get up to 80% off select sex toys, and they’ve even separated their site into 20%, 25%, and 50% categories for you to get the most savings on the items you would most like to take you to orgasmic bliss. The best options to do that, in my humble opinion, would be the Lelo Sila, a soft and sensitive pulsating clit stimulator, as well as the Ina Wave, a rabbit vibrator for both g-spot and clitoral action … at the same time. They’re both $135 after discounts of 20% and 25%! I don’t know what you’re waiting for, orgasms are just a couple of clicks away!

Google’s Chromebooks are delightfully simple and affordable laptops that can handle a wide variety of everyday needs, from web browsing and streaming media to word processing, running millions of Android apps, and quite a bit more. Right now, Amazon is offering $50 off a 14” HP Chromebook model in a pair of configurations.

If you’re OK with a lower-res 720p display, that model is just $211 right now, while the crisper 1080p/Full HD edition is $250. As far as we can tell, the configurations are otherwise identical, packing modest specs including an Intel Celeron processor, 4GB RAM, and 32GB of internal storage. It’s no powerhouse, but Chromebooks don’t need a lot of processing grunt to handle their mostly web-driven tasks with ease.

A few of these have turned up on the site, and I’ve even tested one or two; this one is a fan favorite of MorningSave. These sanitizers can sterilize basically anything you can fit in it them, and I’ve just started adding my face masks. Take 72% off this FineLife UV Phone Sanitizer today.

If you’ve never seen or used a sanitizer like this, it’s all pretty user-friendly. Do you remember the five-second rule as a kid? Well, this Sharper Image one is governed by the five-minute rule. Yup, in just five minutes, your items will be almost 100% free of gross microorganisms. I absolutely recommend using the aromatherapy function. Sometimes these sanitizers can leave your stuff smelling slightly zapped. ::insert shrug emoji:: But anything you can think of will get all-around disinfection in this little pod. Earbuds, toothbrushes, watches, keys, glasses, and jewelry are all ready to be germ-free and keep you safer in a newer, cleaner world.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on MorningSave before and you like what you’ve seen, they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders, no matter how many. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $8.

Apple’s Lightning cable did wonders for those of us who struggle to get our USB cables plugged in the right way, but it’s still a pain to get just right in the dark sometimes. The company’s reborn MagSafe charger, which magnetically slaps a charger (or a slew of other accessories) to the back of your device without hogging up your Lightning port.

At $39, it’s a hefty ask for charging functionality, but it’s a cool party trick, and it does add a bit of convenience to your nightly charging routine. If $5 off will entice you, though, it’s down to $34 on Amazon right now. It’s still not the cheapest or best charger you can get, and you have better options, but if a cable-free lifestyle is in your sights, this might be worth a shot.

Apple doesn’t ship a wall charger with the iPhone 12 line, which it says is for the environment, but potentially leaves you with a $699+ phone that you can’t charge right out of the box. You’ll need a wall charger with a USB-C port to use the cable that’s in the iPhone 12’s box, or you could charge with an old iPhone brick and Lightning-to-USB cable, but it’ll be at lower speeds.

Here’s an affordable way to both fix that omission and ensure that you’re well covered. Right now, RAVPower is offering a two-pack of its 20W USB-C PD wall chargers for just $14 at Amazon right now.

These little guys are about as small as the old, less-powerful Apple wall chargers, but still pump out enough power to charge your new phone at full speed. Apple’s own single 20W charger is $19, by the way. And you can use these to charge other devices, too, such as Android smartphones, AirPods, and the Nintendo Switch. They’re very handy to have around if you don’t already have a pile of power bricks.

Look, the Apple Magic Keyboard attachment is cool. It’s cool. It’s more versatile than the standard snap-on keyboard thanks to a trackpad and backlit keys, plus the way it holds your iPad like it’s just floating there above the keys is superb. And then it folds up into a proper case when you’re not using the iPad. Well done. It is very expensive for a tablet keyboard at $299, however. Not quite $699-for-wheels expensive, but still.

In any case, if you have the new 4th-generation iPad Air or the 11” 2nd-gen iPad Pro and you’ve been debating whether or not to splash out on the Magic Keyboard, we have good news: it’s marked down $100 at Amazon right now. Customers love it, with a 4.8-star rating from 2,300+ reviews, and again, it’s both cool and useful. The 12.9″ iPad Pro version is also discounted, albeit at a much lower 6% markdown. That said, if you were planning on buying one anyway, a deal’s a deal.

STEAM is so important for kids to learn and be enthusiastic about, especially girls interested in the science and tech parts. I’ve actually played with this Juku coding kit and can say it’s an excellent tool. Kits like these can run as much as $60, so two for this price is a great deal.

Pick any combo or two of the same. Today’s kits are the Light Games Coding Kit, Light Show Coding Kit, Making Music Coding Kit, and Smart Car Bots Kit. If you’re a cool nerdy aunt like me, this is the kind of thing you turn up with when you visit for the weekend. It’s recommended for ten years old and up. But if you have a particularly curious or tech-savvy kid who’s a bit younger, it still might work. It’s hard to beat the price given how kids can get bored with hobbies easily. You could also have a future programmer or web developer on your hands, and it all started here.

If you’ve read a few of our posts on Meh before and you like what you’ve seen, they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders, no matter how many. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $8.

Thinking about starting a podcast, a Twitch channel, or anything that involves your beautiful voice? You’re going to want to upgrade your audio setup. Even a basic microphone is leagues above whatever’s built into your PC or your headset and will really up your production value tenfold. If you’re not looking to make a big investment up front, this USB PC microphone kit is a good starting point for beginners. The $45 set includes a cardioid microphone with a24bit/192khz bit sample rate. In addition to the mic itself, you’ll get a lot of handy extras including a shock mount, pop filter, and windscreen. It also comes with a desk clamp, which is a godsend if you don’t want to deal with a clumsy microphone stand. Whether you’re an aspiring podcaster or streamer, an all-in-one package like this is, at the very least, a good way to get you started at a low cost.

I’ve had the pleasure of trying this out the last few days and can say it is, in fact, a great alternative to an Apple watch in many ways. If you don’t need many bells and whistles, the Aukey Smart Watch is a worthy entry into the category. It is currently 30% off and ready to make life a little easier.

The most significant feature I was impressed by is the battery. The company claims a twenty-day battery life, and it is actually very close to that. Obviously, the less you have it sending alerts and doing extra work for you, the longer it’ll last. The display is vibrant, easy to read, and even looks a bit like that trendy watch all my friends have. It synched up with my phone seamlessly, and it was a breeze to get my texts sent too. This watch is compatible with Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, WeChat, etc., so you can receive a variety of chat messages. Using this on runs and even just for errands was excellent to track steps, distance, and calories burnt. And if you are a super active person, there are twelve total modes for monitoring running, cycling, mountain climbing, to name a few. As with most of these, you can also look after your sleep patterns and real-time heart rate. And don’t worry about sweat ruining your pristine watch; it’s waterproof. Now the only very tiny grip is that everything reads in the metric system, so there’s a bit of a learning curve. I’ve been pleasantly surprised so far at how much this watch can do. It’s not elite, but it certainly deserves consideration if you’re looking for a low-budget option.

True wireless earbuds aren’t a niche category anymore. If the Apple-exclusive AirPods are off the table, and you’d rather not get a cheap AirPods knockoff on Amazon, the Jabra Elite 85t earbuds are a great alternative. Their sound quality is among the best in the category, and they’ve got enough battery life to keep your tunes playing all day thanks to the included charging case. They’re also IPX4 splash resistant, but don’t try anything wild with these.

Typically, they’ll run you $230, but they’re down to $200 at Best Buy right now, so you can finally walk around the house without worrying about your headphones snagging on something anymore.

External hard drive deals are always nice, because there’s no confusion over what you’re getting. This WD Easystore hard drive? It gives you 5TB of storage. Boom, plain and simple. You can currently grab this powerful little storage device for $100 at Best Buy. What more do you need to know? It’s a USB 3.0 device that backwards compatible with USB 2.0, it has data transfer rates up to 5 Gbps, it works on both Mac and PC. It’s also small and portable, so you can take it with you on the go and risk losing an entire life’s worth of data. Luckily, it has options for automatic backup, so you can make sure that doesn’t happen. It’s a hard drive! It has a lot of space! It’s a low price! End scene!

You can snag the newest iPad Air (4th Generation) at Amazon right now and get $40 in savings, bringing your total down to $559 for the base 64GB model in Green or Silver. They’re the cheapest of the bunch and both are ready to ship this week, although the other colors are also available for $569 each.

Reviews are in, and all indications are that this is the best value among all of Apple’s big slates. It shares a lot in common with the bigger, more powerful, much more expensive iPad Pro. It’s only missing extra cameras and Face ID (but the fingerprint reader is back to help), plus the display isn’t as bright (600 nits vs 500), big (12.9 inches vs 10.9 inches), or fast (120hz vs 60hz).

But it has the powerful Apple A14 Bionic chipset and picks up Apple Pencil support, making this a much sweeter option for casual artists and multimedia buffs. And it comes in fun colors, too.

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your monitor, here’s a deal for you. You can grab this 27″ Asus curved monitor for just $220, and it’s a powerhouse. The biggest feature here is its 165 Hz refresh rate, which will heavily reduce lag and motion blurring. The trade off is that the monitor is 1080p, though that’s to be expected with high refresh monitors. Many gamers prioritize refresh rate over resolution, so that’s a matter of preference. Beyond that, the monitor comes with a host of special perks like Asus’ Extreme Low Motion Blur and tech that reduces flicker. The screen has 1500R curvature as well, so the entire thing is really built with immersion in mind. Less blur, more wrapping a big screen around your face.

Looking for something cute to treat yourself or another with? You can grab these delicious-looking ice cream, boba tea, and peach AirPods covers and get them in no time at all if you’re an Amazon Prime member. The Boba one is your best deal price at just $8.

If you’re looking for something extra extra cute though, I gotta say that I’m torn between this No Face case for just $9 and this very pink Sailor Moon case (that comes in three variations) for the same fabulous price.

You could also snag an Appa Airpod Case (try saying that 10 times fast) for just $8 when you clip the coupon under the price on its Amazon product page. And, it’s a bit pricier, but there’s also a really cute Baby Yoda one.

If you have the AirPods Pro, these adorable Gatorade and Fiji water covers come in a 2-pack for just $14! These would make great gifts for friends who like to stay hydrated and keep their AirPod Pros on hand (or should I say in-ear?) at all times. This bright Sour Patch Kids case is also pretty fun and comes in three different colors for just $11 each.

I’ve made the switch to an inkjet printer, and I’m not going back. It felt like I was buying new ink cartridges way too often, which was bad for my budget and it also felt just plain wasteful. This Epson EcoTank ET-2720 inkjet printer should provide the average household with up to two years of printing— or 4,500 prints, whichever comes first. The calculation Epson made is based on 125 prints a month. And that’s all just in the one ink kit that the wireless all-in-one printer comes with! The equivalent in traditional ink cartridges would be about 80 cartridges.

The Epson EcoTank ET-2720 is $50 off right now at Best Buy, and that’s a deal you should seriously jump on. Not only will you get lots of clean prints, you can also scan documents and make copies in a snap! Grab it while the deal is still good.

The Nintendo Switch is a surprisingly good exercise tool, as it turns out. Ring Fit Adventure was a breakout hit in 2020 as people looked for creative ways to work out at home. With a year of full isolation approaching, fans may be ready to say goodbye to Tipp and switch up their routine. If that’s the case, Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise is on sale for $35 at Amazon, and it might be a good change of pace. The fitness game has players punch along to the beat of music, making it a sort of rhythm game/workout hybrid. What’s notable about this is its truly inspired soundtrack that features songs like “Sandstorm” and Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life.” I mean, who doesn’t already punch along to “Born To Be Wild”? There’s a demo currently available on the Switch eShop, so give it a try and then buy it at a discount if you’re feeling the burn.

There are no shortage of ways to customize your Nintendo Switch. Between different joy-con colors, special edition hardware, and third-party skins, you can really add a lot of personality to the portable system. This woodtone Switch Lite skin is perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing option yet though. Officially licensed by Nintendo, this skin is designed for Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans. It features the game’s logo and iconography on top of a gorgeous faux-wood pattern. It sticks on to the system pretty easily and can be taken off and reapplied without leaving residue. Best of all, it’s only $4 at Amazon today, which is a very low price for such a cute curiosity. Give it a try if you want to give your Switch Lite new life.

Sometimes, it’s okay to treat yourself. We’re always made to think that you buy gifts for other people, not yourself, but I’m here to squash that myth. It’s been a really hard 12 months! It’s okay to buy yourself a little something whenever you feel like it and call it a gift. In that spirit, you can currently get a $50 PlayStation Store gift card for $44 at Eneba when you use the code PSNFIDDY at checkout. While that won’t buy you a brand new full retail AAA game, $50 can go a very long way. Stock up on indies or use it to clear out the digital storefront during its next sale. The choice is yours. As long as you’re buying video games, I am happy.

The Kingdom Hearts series is known for a lot of things. Action, story, characters, you name it. But it also features some iconic music. Who among us won’t belt out Simple and Clean every time we hear that hook? Then there’s the criminally underrated Sanctuary, which is my personal favorite. That’s not even to mention the series’ original score. If you want all of the tunes from Kingdom Hearts without all of the RPG shenanigans, Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is on sale for $40 today. This rhythm game features over 140 tracks to play on in both shingle and multiplayer modes. If you’ve always been interesting in Kingdom Hearts, but too intimidated by it, hell, why not just play this and call it a day?

For many years, I have considered getting a beanbag chair. I know that probably sounds like the kind of thing that one doesn’t need to “consider,” but it haunts me. Am I prepared to become beanbag guy? Like when guests come over to watch sports, am I going to bring out the beanbag and say “Someone can sit here if they want”? I’m not sure if I can be that guy, but I am tempted to finally pull the trigger today, because this Poké Ball beanbag chair is down to $60at GameStop. features include: it’s a beanbag chair that looks like a Poké Ball. What more do you need? Now when a friend asks for a pillow to sit on, I can chuck this at their head as if I am trying to catch them. They will hate me. And I will laugh.

Want to treat your desk to a little something new? The Razer Huntsman Mini 60% gaming keyboard is down to $100 right now on Amazon.

If you want the gaming performance that Razer offers without sacrificing your desk space, the Huntsman Mini might be the perfect fit. With its matte, aluminum top-frame, you get a mighty little keyboard that’s built to withstand “intense, regular use,” according to Razer.

It looks so cute and compact, but this little guy is built to last. Its keys are even made of “textured, high-grade PBT for a more durable and textured finish less prone to long-term grime build-up” according to the product description. So I guess you don’t have to skimp on those Cheetos next time you want to type and snack at the same time?—Oof, maybe that’s too far. I’m sorry, I’ve been isolating for almost a year now and I find that I need to consciously remind myself of social norms at times. We should probably do the Mini or any other keyboard the courtesy of wiping off Cheeto dust first, right? I mean, hygiene should be a top priority right now and we should probably be cleaning our keyboards and other peripherals more often anyway. But still— my point stands that this is a durable investment to consider if you’re in the market for a new keyboard. 

You want it? Grab it before the price goes back up!

Me? I just really want Cheetos now.

Arcade1Up is known for bringing retro gaming back into our lives in creative ways. From arcade cabinet reproductions to gaming pub tables, they offer a perfect way to build out a nice gamer cave. Some of their products are a bit more practical too, like their line of retro gaming barstools. Today, you can grab a bunch of gaming stools on sale for $59 to really spruce up your theoretical bar. You can grab Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mortal Kombat, NBA Jam, and Marvel Super Heroes stools at a discount right now, so pick whichever one you want to sit on more. Do you want to plant right down on Thanos’ face? Perfect! Want to just warm your buns on the heat of the NBA Jam logo? Hell yeah buddy! Live your best life. No rules, no masters, no bedtimes.

Alright, let’s get something straight. Presidents’ Day? Whatever! It seems like a pretty lame holiday and you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone that “celebrates” it. But is having a day off from work nice? Yes. And is having a bunch of absolutely random sales because of it also a perk? Yep. So, it’s hard for me to complain when Best Buy is running a massive video game sale for the holiday. What’s discounted? Too much to list here considering there are 12 pages of deals. But here are some highlights none the less. First-party Nintendo Switch games are discounted across the board, and you know how rare that can be. Most notable is the elusive Ring Fit Adventure, which is down to $70. Even the rarely discounted Animal Crossing: New Horizons is down to $50. The Last of Us Part 2 is $30, so you can finally form an opinion on it for half price. The absolutely fantastic Yakuza: Like a Dragon is down to $40 and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

We’ve seen Ubisoft slash the price on games like Watch Dogs: Legion, Just Dance 2021, and even Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, but the studio just took things to another level. You can now grab Immortals: Fenyx Rising for $30 at Amazon. The game is still relatively brand new, so that’s about as fast a price cut as you can expect. Ubisoft’s latest open world game looks like it takes many cues from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, with free climbing, gliding, and rune-like abilities that can be used to solve puzzle shrines. Except it’s about Gods. If that sounds up your alley, you can grab the PS4, Xbox, and Switch versions at a discount now.

For the rest of the week, get one of Martha Stewart’s reversible down comforter for just $20. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, all 83% off. These are a quality way to refresh a room and give it a new pop of color. They are made of lightweight, hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill so that you can use them all year long. They were created exclusively for Macy’s and are easy to take care of as they’re machine washable. Soft, comfortable, and a great value for an easy upgrade.

Free shipping on orders over $25.

If you’re looking for a drill to get all of your home needs, look no further than the Black & Decker Cordless Drill Kit. For a decent $160, you’ll be able to get a drill, sander, jig saw, an oscillating tool, router, and impact driver attachments. Basically yes, you can build that dog house with just one tool. Nothing much to say here, get it now.

If you haven’t upgraded to a bidet yet, what are you doing with your life even? Spending a lot of money on toilet paper, I imagine. Get a more sustainable and economical change for your bathroom by upgrading to a Bio Bidet toilet seat! Today, several of their models are on sale at Home Depot.

The best bang for your buck is the HD-7000 Bidet Seat, which is $100 off and down to $199 today. I have a Bio Bidet model very similar to this one and I love it. A model like this really offers all the bells and whistles you might be looking for: A heated toilet seat, heated water, multiple bidet modes, a self-cleaning nozzle, and a nightlight for your toilet to help you find your way to the bathroom easier at night. This particular model has a wireless remote to control it with.

The bidet seat and attachment are easier to install than you might think, so why not take the plunge into a cleaner and more sustainable lifestyle today?

The Instant Pot has become a beloved and damn near essential kitchen appliance in recent years, offering an easy and compact way to cook meats, stews, chili, rice dishes, and quite a bit more. If you haven’t already jumped onboard, right now Best Buy is offering its Insignia multi-function pressure cooker for just $30—a 50% savings.

This 6qt model has a 4.7-star review average from 6,600+ customers, and a comparable brand name Instant Pot version costs more than twice as much. It’s an ideal way to give pressure cooking a shot and bring some easy new meal options into your home.

I’ve been Marie-Kondoing everything in my life lately, and I just noticed how much space tea bag boxes take up in my kitchen. No more! I personally ordered this very cute (but not really discounted) Nifty tea bag spinning carousel to display up to 60 bags at a time. That’s perfect for me. If you have a larger collection, you might want to check out this Mind Reader tea bag & condiment 9-drawer organizer which also has a couple of larger drawers for sauces or maybe even tea infusers. By the way, if you’re into looseleaf tea as well, I found a great deal on a glass tumbler infuser. Already 40% off, clip the 20% off coupon below its price to bring it down to just $14.

You can also snag up to 10% off this lovely bamboo tea bag organizer— just be sure to clip the coupon (once again, located below the price on Amazon). That brings it down to just $19. What I like about this is it has a clear window so you can easily see your tea collection. Similarly, this 2-pack stackable plastic organizer can also be yours for 10% off and is designed with convenience and ease of use in mind.

Last but not least, this cute little Soligt tea bag display rack has removable baskets and holds up to 120 bags. Grab it for 7% off when you clip the coupon!

If you work often and you don’t have the energy to vacuum your home from time to time, it helps that in 2021 we can rely on a robot to do this chore for us.

The ILife V3s Robot Vacuum Cleaner is no exception, where it can have a daily routine to go to certain rooms, vacuum up any dirt, and then go back to its charging station, ready for the next day of tasks. And luckily for you? It’s down to just $119 for President’s Day.

We’ve got a fabulous deal for bringing some more comfort to your bedroom right now. Unfortunately, our Lelo’s Valentine’s Day sale is finished, but you can still find some comfort in a soft new set of sheets, right?

Get yourself a Luxury Home sheet set for only $20 at MorningSave right now. These sheets are $20 regardless of whether you want them in full, queen, king, or the California king size. They come in lots of colors too: Pick from Chocolate, Cream, Gray, Khaki, Sage, White, Lilac, Gold, Navy, or Sky Blue.

The set includes a fitted and top sheet as well as two pillowcases. This deal is only good for today, so don’t miss out!

With a MorningSave monthly membership for $5, you can get unlimited shipping there as well as at Meh and SideDeal. Otherwise, shipping is $8.

If you (like me) have been skirting your New Year’s resolutions, then what better time than mid-February to right the ship? If one of your big goals is to look and especially feel better, then eating healthier is probably a priority. Tracking and limiting your potions is one of the most important ways to kick the junk and ensure that you’re not going overboard on consumption, even if it’s healthier stuff.

Luckily, Etekcity’s food kitchen scale is just $10 at Amazon right now when you clip the coupon on the page. This compact, countertop scale makes it easy to measure out portions in various units and even account for the weight of the container they’re in. It’s great for measuring amounts of fresh foods or to determine the portion size of packaged foods that don’t provide a per-piece serving. It’s also ideal for measuring out quantities for baking or cooking, whether or not you’re keeping your own portions in check.

If you own a home, it’s inevitable that you’ll encounter messes that can’t be easily picked up with a broom, common household vacuum, or even a mass of towels. That’s where a wet-dry shop vac comes in handy, providing one large-capacity, rolling tool that can contend with things like basement flooding, light construction work, garage cleaning, and more.

Right now, Tacklife’s 6-gallon wet dry shop vac is just $61 at Amazon when you clip the coupon on the page and enter promo code 20DQV25P at checkout. With a big bin, 17-foot cord, and 5-foot hose range, you won’t have to stop and start a bunch when tackling big messes. It’s 32% off the list price right now.

Whether it’s the weather, the impact of being stuck at home, or a combination of both, it’s an especially rough time for everyday aches and pains for a lot of people. Luckily, Amazon has a couple of potential aids from InvoSpa on sale right now for up to 35% off the list price.

InvoSpa’s shiatsu back, beck, and shoulder massager wraps around your neck and provides kneading comfort to your muscles for $34 right now, while InvoSpa’s compression leg and thigh massagers help relieve fatigue and boost circulation in your legs for $80.

While we won’t have actual Mardi Gras parties like usual, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate. Babeland wants you to have a marvelous Fat Tuesday and has fifty-two items up to 50% off today only.

I have a different version of this rabbit, and it’s absolutely one of my faves. This Rotating G Rabbit is 50% off and has seven vibe functions at three speeds. But it really shines in that it has a unique heating element. Designed with an optimum curve ideal for G-spot teasing. This is absolutely a high-quality vibe that is unlike any other in your collection. Expect about two hours of playtime off of one charge and use a water-based lubricant with it. The soft silicone warms up quickly, so take a little extra time on your first outings to find what works for you.

I’m a sucker for cute novelty vibes, and this Toone has double the pleasure. Adorably crafted, this dual-motor vibe is firm and flexible. There are ten pulsations and patterns, each with its own increasing intensity. Made with plush silicon, you’ll get about sixty minutes off of one charge. This tickling toy is charming, a teasing treasure you were looking for. Great for solo flights or one with a partner. It’s also 50% off.

Free shipping on orders over $69.

This is one of those deals that’s really great but takes a bit of patience and finagling. Until March 6, take $3.50 off qualifying items with the code 939905. So I say this is difficult because so many brands are currently on sale or have pretty good discounts currently running. But after playing around, there are still quite a few items that this code will work with. You have to spend a minimum of $15.

A great option is Pixi’s Purifying Trio Kit. It looks like most Pixi products will vibe with the code. This trio is all about keeping your face as glowing as possible. In three easy steps, cleanse, exfoliate, and purify. Have a wintery shimmer and hydrated skin for the rest of the season with travel-friendly sizes of the Glow Mud Cleanser, Glow Tonic, and T-Zone Peel-Off Mask.

2020 part deux stress is rolling on and calling for a moment of self-care, a bath bomb can certainly help you take a pause. I’ve had a few of these from da Bomb, and this one is hands down my favorite. It fizzes like fluffy pink cotton candy, smells awesome, and leaves your skin silky smooth. Oh, and you get a prize once it fully dissolves. There are thirty-two bombs to pick from, so definitely something for everyone, even kids.

Animal Crossing’s makeup from ColourPop just landed yesterday at Ulta. There are still a few things left, like the 5 Star Island palette. This my favorite of the bunch and is my go-to from the original launch. It’s a 4-pan palette with rich hues of pink. You can actually use the semi-metallic yellow as a base and then blend a very vibrant peachy pink matte. You also get a uber sparkly and lush glitter pink and a hot pink matte sparkle too. There are a lot of girly and bold looks to be had here. Kind of an 80s aesthetic.

Free shipping on all orders over $35.

I’m so proud of you for still wearing a mask, it’s super cool of you. But do you need an upgrade or maybe something a little more heavy-duty? Or maybe you just want to put your mind at ease with something a smidge more protective? Grab 60 of the KN95 masks from MorningSave right now for just $29.

These are industry-standard which means they are supposed to filter 95 percent of particles. That is just about as good as you can get. So the mask obviously doesn’t completely eliminate the risk of catching or spreading something but if you wear it correctly it still drastically reduces the likelihood. These are also great if you’ve got severe allergies or asthma and protect against pollen, dander, and whatnot. The KN-95 isn’t made for clinical environments not that you’re performing surgery with these but they will definitely protect you and others against what is currently out there. Not all heroes wear capes, but they do wear masks. So thank you.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on MorningSave before and you like what you’ve seen they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders no matter how many.

If you’ve ever made the mistake of applying glitter nail polish, you know it basically takes an exorcism to remove every last bit of sparkle once you’re sick of it.

Sure, you have the option of soaking your nails in acetone to remove it all—but that leaves me with red, itchy hands after, personally. And even if it doesn’t bother your skin, the acetone strips natural oils from your nails. If you are also done with harmful acetone, you’ve got to give a peel-off base coat a try.

There’s nowhere better to start than the UNT Ready For Takeoff Peelable Base Coat, now just $13 at Amazon. This cult-favorite base coat (which even used to be a favorite of popular nail-art YouTuber Simply Nailogical before she created her own peel-off base coat) makes removing your nail polish so easy you won’t want to go back.

When you’re finished with your manicure and ready for a new look, just dab a bit of your preferred skin oil (I use jojoba) around your cuticles, and then peel away. It’s especially satisfying to see the polish come off in one go!

Grab it while the price is good.

I’m a big fan of Korean beauty products, and if you are too, I have a great deal for you from Passioncat today.

Get 35% off a PASSIONCAT Twist Velvet Tint of your choice when you clip the coupon under the price on Amazon. Normally $16, that brings any of these lovely tints down to just $11.

Plus, if you add a Hand Sanitizer Gel by PASSIONCAT to your cart, you’ll get it for free as an added bonus! It will bring any of these lip tints down to just $8 when you add it to your shopping cart.

If you want a velvet-y pout in peach or pink shades, there are plenty of options:

This tint also comes in some more vibrant red shades, if you want a more glamorous look.

It’s unclear how long this deal will last, so why not treat yourself to a more kissable pout today while it’s still on?

JACHS is really out here trying to make you the most stylish man you can be. They’re running another killer sale this week. Grab one of over seventy premium button-downs for a low as $12. No codes needs and prices are already marked on each shirt.

Everyone needs a quality flannel. I actually love an oversized men’s flannel to pair with a t-shirt, leggings, and boots. This one is sherpa lined for optimum coziness ($25). It’s versatile for any gender. It’s so easy to layer and style. Made of 100% cotton, this will take you through the rest of the chilly season.

There are plenty of classic and traditional button-downs too, so you can still look the business on your zoom calls. The Tech Shirt ($19) line was quite literally engineered for a long haul day. Made with ultra-stretch fabric, they are not only comfortable but cool in any season. No really, they have moisture-wicking, so you don’t have to worry about breaking a sweat during a big meeting. It’s a cotton/poly/spandex blend that’s easy to care for and surprisingly study. Oh, and it’s 79% off.

Free shipping on orders over $100.

Some good boys are in the White House now. They’re making history too. Major will be the first shelter dog to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Pets in the President’s home has a long and storied history. If you’re like me, you’re excited to see the adventures the First Dogs will get up to just as Bo, Buddy, Millie, Checkers, and Fala did before them. Joy McCullough’s brand new storybook gives a little background to the presidential puppers and imagines what life will be like for them in our country’s famous home. Sheyda Abvabi Best beautifully illustrates each page, capturing not only the likeness but personality of the Biden’s loyal duo. Grab 34% off Champ and Major: First Dogs ($7 off for the Kindle) right now.

This is a wonderful gift for dog lovers young and old, or anyone who wants a way to remember this historic return of dogs to our White House.

This book will ship free for Prime members.




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Amazon makes the cheapest brand-name tablets around, and while we wouldn’t put them on par with proper iPads, they’re solid budget-friendly options for use-anywhere streaming media, ebooks, web browsing, and more. Usually, the dirt-cheap Fire 7—currently just $40—and the Fire HD 8 (now $65) catch our attention, but it’s the sizable Fire HD 10 tablet that might be Amazon’s best bargain at the moment.

Right now, the large 1080p slate is just $95, a 37% savings off the $150 list price. This sizable Android tablet gives you a solidly crisp screen ideal for media, apps, browsing, and even games, plus the 12-hour battery life will keep you entertained whether kicking around at home right now or hopefully on future, safe travels.

Amazon’s tablets aren’t the most powerful devices around, so keep your expectations in check as far as glossy 3D gaming and speedy multitasking. However, they hit a sweet spot in terms of function and price and are ideal for consuming media. Amazon customers give the Fire HD 10 a 4.6-star rating and the $95 price is for the 32GB version with ads on the lock screen. The ad-less version is $110, or you can always pay a fee to remove the ads later.

In his roundup of the best VPNs at Gizmodo, Andrew Couts called NordVPN “fast and easy to use,” citing accessibility and affordability as reasons to subscribe. Though it’s almost always marked down from its $287 list price, the 2-year plan is nonetheless the cheapest option to get started with the service and continue using it long-term. For a limited time only, though, it’s not only 68% off, bringing your total to just $89 for 730 days, but it also comes with an extra 1-month, 1-year, or 2-year plan, randomly applied by the Nordic gods at checkout, through the end of February.

Couts says in his abbreviated review:

No matter what you pay, you’ll get access to more than 5,400 servers in more than 60 countries, a bunch of features you may or may not want, and, because the company is based in Panama, assurances that your data—or lack of data, as the case may be—is outside of U.S. and European jurisdictions. Like every other VPN on this list, NordVPN claims to have a “strict no-logs policy,” so most of your data isn’t collected, the company says. It does still collect your email address, payment information, and the timestamp of the last time you launched the VPN.

But NordVPN isn’t without its downsides. “…some researchers have found that it sends your email address and Google Ad ID to a marketing company when you register through the Android app and contains some trackers,” Couts explained. “Another downside is that some of NordVPN’s servers are rented, which means another company you need to trust is in the mix. And yes, one of those servers got hacked in 2018.”

Still, if you want one of the most reliable VPN clients, with the budget to support its robust infrastructure, you can’t go wrong with NordVPN. Plus, with availability on virtually every platform imaginable—from macOS to Android TV—this private networking tool is equal parts ubiquitous and acclaimed. Endorsed by PCMag, Wired, CNET, Business Insider, and more, it may be time to board the Nord train if you’re somehow unwedded to a VPN already.

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