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Top mysterious cases

This world is full of mysteries. Some mysteries are yet to be solved and became secret for all time.

1. The mystery of black dahlia.

The real name of the black Dahlia is Elizabeth short. She was found murdered in LA, California. This case is one of the most famous unsolved cases. This murder happened on January 15, 1947. Elizabeth’s body was slashed into two pieces. The group was dismembered, left in the vacant lot in Leimert Park. Her body was bisected and her intestines were tucked. Her body was drained with blood and her face was scratched. She was missing since January 9 and found murdered on January 15.

2. The smiley face killer

This mysterious killer has killed 45 young men, but no one knows whether he exists or not. About 45 cases in New York City have similarities that a painted smiley face found near the victim’s body. All the victims are white college men and good looking. The interesting fact is that some of them are murdered on the same night but in different states. This gives the theory of gang murderers. However, this case is yet to be solved, and no one knows that the killers are even existed or not.

3. Case of Dorothy Jane Scott

Scott was a single mother of her four years old son. On May 28, 1980, Scott went missing. She was receiving calls from an unknown number claiming that he loves her. On May 28, 1980, she dropped her son off to her parents and went to attend the meeting. She then took one of her colleagues who was not feeling well at the hospital. After his treatment, she went to get her car, but she didn’t come back. Then her colleague decided to check on her. They noticed she was driving fast. When she didn’t take their calls. They reported her missing. After this, their parents start receiving calls from an unknown number saying that ” I get her.” After two months, her body was found on the construction site. This mystery is still unsolved who killed her.

4. Darden family murder

On the evening of November 18, 1987, police discover bodies seems to be brutally killed. When Bardeen was not receiving his supervisor’s call. He reported to the police. When police went to check Bardeen’s house, they found brutally murdered bodies of his son and wife. They were beaten with baseball sticks up to death. Firstly the police claimed that the gardener had killed his family, but the next day, they found Bardeen’s body in the field. He was shot with three bullets, and his penis was cut- off. However, this mystery is yet to be solved.

5. The Grime sister’s case

On December 27, 1956, the two Grime sisters went missing. The young sisters went to attend a show, but they never got back to the home. At 2:15 am, their mother reported them missing. Due to a lack of leads, police claimed that they ran away. But Their naked body was found on January 22.  however, the whole case moves around one suspect, but there was no evidence of a crime.



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