Top 10 mysterious Island in the world.


The island exists among the sea, and neither can it walk nor fly. Why does it disappear suddenly? It is about 1700 that a nearby Island was seen on the map of Mexico, it was named ISLA BERMAJA. Although Mexico was located 200 miles away. Nevertheless, Mexico took control over it. Mexico was going to benefit significantly from this right. If Island had become Mexico, then the oil and minerals present here would have belonged to it. However, there were problems in 2009 when Island disappeared. The first report of its disappearance was written in 1957. But then nobody paid any attention. In 2009 it was searched in every way, but it was not found on the Island. The theory says that America blasted it. Some theory also believes that America made this Island disappear. It is tough to say what the truth is. But this Island has become one of the mysterious islands to the world.


The history of this island connects with the Soviet Union. It happened that through the 1920s, they needed a place to manufacture weapons. The place needed to is connected to the desert and be empty. This island was perfect for their needs, and they came here after camping. Later it was also made a bomb test site. But the weapons on the island disappeared. No one knows where those weapons went. It is still a secret. 


Bannerman Island built Frankbannerman sixth. The island is located near Newyork City. People passing by here believe that these islands are haunted. Although the island near the Hudson river was closed in 1967, it was later reopened in 2007. A palace is also built on this island. That palace was also constructed there by Bannerman. He wanted to keep his black powders there. However, even today, all the layers of the castle built on this island have not been opened. So these are the secrets. 


The Islands are located in Pakistan. As its name suggests, it is related to the earthquake, and it is like this that the island was born due to the earthquake. In 2013, there was an earthquake in Pakistan, whose strength was measured at 7.8. The island was taken due to the same shock. The total length of this island is 100m. Its birth makes this island quite mysterious. 


Some astronomer from NASA had searched for the magic island. This is such an island that keeps on moving in the sea; that is, it travels from one place to another. However, it is not yet known correctly. That why this keeps going like this. But the astronomer of NASA was also surprised to see this for the first time. He surprised and named it a magic island. It is believed that this island moves from one place to another due to climate change. However, no one knows what the reason behind this is. 


The breaking news on the news channel was floating eye island in 2018. The islands are perfectly round and have a baseline around them. The thing is that this island keeps roaming inside the same benchmark. No one knows how this steak is chopped, but this island is fantastic. People are looking for; it also produced a feature film. The islands are located near Argentina. 


This island located near Yemen looks like an Alien Island. Some such plants have grown on this island, which is quite strange in appearance, and upon seeing them, it seems as if a radish has been buried upside down. The island surrounded by the god’s water has many very mysterious caves, and there are only bats on this island. This island is also called The last Island. 


It is about 44 square kilometers in the area. This island, located in the Indian Ocean, is lovely. During the British rule in India, the British government gave this island to America under a deal. They cut forest on it and made it a naval base. The islands were also used in The Gulf War in 1991, The Afghanistan War in 2001, and The Iraq War in 2003. But now it has been stopped; no one knows why it has been done. According to sources, America has made intelligence gels here where they get killed in the of their enemies in the secret ways. Although the truth is still a mystery. 


In 1847, thousands of migrants who came to Canada had passed through this island. The migrants had many diseases, including smallpox, scarlet fever, yellow fever. Due to this disease, migrants who came here could not get admission in Canada. Those people who were very sick were given a break on this island. He died on the island due to being released. Even today, his grave is on the island. Now no one goes to this island because this island is full of secrets. 


People living here are more mysterious on this island. This island because to went extent these people were genetic, it has not been known to date. First, it known that people living here are called Rapanui, and this island is in the sea about a few thousand miles from South America. When a team from the University of California did research, it was found that Europeans came to this island in 1772. However, the geneticist of Rapanui living on it did not match him either. After this, the research team thought that these would be from America, but after researching the things found there, it was found that these people were not only in America, South America but in any country of the world. Since then, it has remained a mystery. When these people did not match any genetic, then who were these people and how did they come there. The answer to all these questions has not been found yet. Some people even say that these people were Aliens. However, no one knows what truth is. 



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