Today’s children are fond of playing different games.Not only games but also online games.They have forgot the real meaning of fun.Besides,they spend almost two-third of their 24 hours playing games online.In these online games there are some stuffs like dresses,suits,apparels,tags etc which is affordable only by money.Few lucky persons only gets it free.As a result,one has to be very lucky to get it or otherwise he has to buy it.Of course everyone is not that much lucky to get their desired things in game.So,they buy it any ways without any hesitation.

Developers of online games uses this advantage for looting others.Eventually,they are successful.Now,children as well as olders also play online games.They earn and spend in online games.But, they do not understand that if they can save it would be helpful.

Most probably the children are depressed because they do not have time for their real life but they have time for their virtual life.In some countries,there are less playgrounds.In case there are playgrounds but there are also strict restrictions to play.So,we do not have rights to blame this generation.In fact we are the one who is responsible for this.

We have to be conscious of being affected by such monotony of life.Physical sickness is nothing in front  of mental sickness.We also have to bear in mind that,present youngsters are the future generation.So,we can’t just let them fall on their on.

Virtual life should be nothing to us.We should not be serious of it.If you can enjoy it any ways thats your intelligence but don’t misuse it.Always remember your closest friend is your parents and family.Don’t ever try to hide something for them.Never lie to them.Your every problem has a solution which can be give by your parents…


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