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When it comes to luxury sex toys, Swedish-based Lelo has led the charge in creating some of the most beloved and beautiful toys on the market. Lelo’s toys have won awards and if you own one, you simply know. Lelo is a sensual luxury in a toy, the preferred addition to your nightstand. Significant research and focus groups helped Lelo create toys that rise above the rest, and when it comes to sex tech, they are once again at the forefront of the industry.

I spoke with Erica Minor, Marketing and Communications Manager at LELO North America to learn more about what Lelo is up to these days, what sex tech even is, and how they are using it to make their art like sex toys next level revolutionary.

Q: How did you get involved in working with sex tech, and the sexual pleasure industry?

A: I first learned about LELO as a consumer and later applied to work with the brand years later after coming across a job listing on LinkedIn. My professional background previous to working at LELO is in luxury and lifestyle PR as well as digital marketing. I was particularly drawn to the company for a few reasons. On the surface, I was attracted to LELO’s elevated, artistic branding — it is clear they have a team of talented professionals behind the scenes — as well as the sophisticated product design and focus on quality. However, I was most excited about LELO’s mission of breaking the taboo surrounding pleasure and sexuality. Having the opportunity to participate in socially conscious conversations provides a great sense of purpose beyond the day-to-day activities of my role.

Sex tech has become a buzz word for sex startups, but what does it actually mean? 

‘Sex Tech’, for our purposes at least, refers to technology that is designed to enhance pleasure and deepen intimate relationships — including people’s relationship with themselves.

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Photo: Lelo

How has LELO invested in sex tech, and why? 

Having been in business for nearly 18 years, LELO has earned a reputation as a heritage brand and is recognized in our industry for unparallel quality, sophisticated product design, and commitment to innovation. In fact, LELO just recently won ‘Best Luxury Brand’ in the 2021 XBiz Honors Awards last month! Investing in Sex Tech was a natural next step in the continued evolution of our brand.

What sex toys does LELO currently sell that are considered sex tech? Who is each of them good for?

LELO has pioneered groundbreaking tech like our patented SenSonic Wave technology, first developed for Sona, which uses sonic waves instead of vibrations to create a sensation.

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Photo: Lelo

This can be best compared to the feeling of standing in front of a large set of speakers at a concert. Our wildly popular SenSonic Range has since been expanded beyond the SONA line to include F1S, SILA, and our newest product (launching in March 2021) Enigma — a dual-action massager that combines SenSonic Wave technology with g-spot stimulation.

In terms of ‘Sex Tech’, the F1S offers the latest advances in teledildonic technology. In addition to SenSonic Wave sensation, the F1S Developers Kit incorporates an open SDK interface designed with app integration in mind. Sensors within the device allow users to gather data about their performance — which can be particularly useful if they are training to increase stamina for instance — while app integration allows users to design programs to customize their experience. Fans of the F1S Developer’s Kit can expect a new version later this Spring that will incorporate even more innovative tech than before!

Illustration for article titled So What The Heck is Sex Tech, and Why Do I Need It?

Photo: Lelo

And of course, there are our Bluetooth-enabled remote controlled couple’s pleasure products — Hugo and the Tiani line. The remote controls have a range of up to 20 meters and can be used on multiple LELO Bluetooth-enabled products at the same time. This allows users to be more creative than ever before — from discrete public play to socially-distanced sex.

What are the benefits of buying a sex tech toy over a traditional one?

What differentiates ‘sex tech’ from traditional pleasure products is that it uses technology to create an experience that resembles, and can be used to enhance, real-life interaction. By incorporating customization tools like the SDK open interface, interactive apps, Bluetooth control, and technology that enhances and creates new sensations, sex tech elevates the user experience.

Especially in a time when people feel more disconnected than ever before, sex tech offers users new avenues for connection beyond what was previously available.

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