Pros & Cons of Being Famous + Be Prepared for Fame!

Being Famous

Being famous, you’ll always have to pay the price, and the more famous you are, the higher the price it will be, especially for privacy and security.

Once an overnight sensation, thrust into the limelight, you’re basically in a huge fish-bowl – everyone scrutinising everything you say and do. This can be quite daunting especially without the advice and guidance of a professional.

Being a successful star, you’ll need to handle lots of pressure. People will start looking up to you. You’ll rub shoulders and work with the rich and famous. You’ll enjoy VIP red carpet events, designer clothes, flashy cars, jewellery, and affording any and everything you desire. Power beyond your wildest dreams.

Fans want to be you, look like you – many will have your image or name tattooed on their body. Statues, waxworks and portraits will be made of you. Websites and fan-bases dedicated in your honour.

Everything you own or have worked with will become memorabilia. Even your autograph will have value. More importantly, you have the opportunity to create a long-lasting legacy, so being a good role model is key.

These are two examples of how much power and influence famous people have: 1, two tweets that Trump sent, wiped over $13bn of stock-shares. 2, A tweet posted by American media personality Kylie Jenner wiped $1.3bn off Snapchat shares when she said that she no longer used their messaging app!

Daniel Craig: “Everything you do in public will be photographed”

Selena gomez: “There’s nothing but constant pressure“.

Once a success, you’ll have dozens of people working for you including security, an agent, manager, financial adviser and media expert, while hoping their all trustworthy and acting in your best interests.

Be cautious who you trust. Employing your family members as staff can very well for many stars, but not so well for others.

Being famous, you”ill work along-side your childhood heroes and favourite celebrities at some of the best locations around the world, and being paid millions. Earnings (wages) are the equivalent of winning the lottery multiple times a year.

Being Famous: Not always so glamorous

Most famous people would throw away their celebrity/famous lifestyle purely for a peaceful and private life. While being famous can allow you to fulfil your dreams, there will be times you’re unable to leave your home. Your cars, homes and phones may be bugged. Drones and helicopters following your every move.

Being followed and spied on 24/7 by the press/paparazzi, the public and obsessive fans (fanatics) who will constantly pester you for autographs and selfies until the day you die. The intrusion has taken its toll on many a famous person.

Famous people cannot use public spaces in fear of unwanted attention. Instead of using public facilities, they need an enormous home to accommodate a cinema, gym, basketball courts and swimming pool to stop them and their family and friends from being harassed in public.

The more famous you became, the bigger the homes get, and the higher walls become, and the more reclusive some have to be. If you’re unlucky and cannot sustain your fame, homes become smaller due to the inability to finance a large property.

You may have to move abroad while travelling in disguises with the help of their make-up artists. You’ll never know how close you are to someone world-famous as they travel around the cities anonymously, hidden behind helmets on moped and motorbikes is very common.

Justin Bieber: “People kick you when you’re down“.

Your every move is scrutinised by the media – The Paparazzi

The Paparazzi (press and freelance photographers/papps) will always be there to follow your rise and sometimes fall from grace. Catch 22. You need the press, just as much as they need you. Its all very exciting at first being followed and photographed then seeing your face in every newspaper and magazine. Then the endless radio and television interviews, being a celebrity guest on top talk shows, everyone wants a piece of you will eventually take its toll.

Some papps will deliberately aggravate and annoy you to make you snap. This would make a better story and of course, give them the opportunity to earn hundreds and thousands of pounds for an exclusive story and picture (the money shot). Unfortunately, some celebs take the bait and fight back as shown in some videos on this page and trust me, when they take your picture, they’re not always looking for the most flattering picture.

What they say about the press, “when you dance with the devil, prepare to pay the price.”

You may have to relocate with all your family to a more secure location to avoid the photographers and other strangers who’ll be right up in your face, hiding behind bushes following and documenting your every move. Very scary for anyone especially young stars to have dozens of grown men loitering outside their home day and night to the early hours of the morning, all eager and desperate to take your picture and you’ll just have to smile, be polite, because you don’t want to get on the wrong side of the papps, and the obsessed crazy fans also on your tail.

Lady Gaga: You belong to everyone else“.

Princess Diana was one of the most famous and photographed women in the World

Princess Diana was continually and relentlessly harassed by the papps. She once held a press conference to vent her frustration by saying, “I was not aware of how overwhelming that attention would become, nor the extent to which it would affect both my public duties and my personal life, in a manner that’s been hard to bear.”

In a candid interview, Prince William told how they “chased her, called her names, and spat at her to get a reaction.” He said they were like “a pack of dogs.” The papps pursued her to her death in a Paris tunnel crash. They were still taking photos of her while she lay dying in the crumpled wreck of the crashed Mercedes.

Her brother Earl Spencer accused the press of being “directly responsible for her death, saying, “I always believe the press would kill her in the end. “Every proprietor and editor of every publication that has paid for intrusive and exploited photographs of her have blood on their hands.” He also said, “They killed the golden Goose which laid their golden eggs.”

Two decades after Diana’s death, her son Prince Harry said of the press. “there’s been a ruthless campaign that has escalated over the past year, throughout Meghan’s pregnancy and while raising our newborn son, and I will not be bullied into playing a game that killed my mum.”

Former Pussy Cat Dolls Melody Thornton, said “when I started out, I was young and inexperienced. The industry is full of Sharks and Wolves in Sheep’s clothing“.

People may hate you for a character you may have played or portrayed

While many fans love and adore you, some will hate you, social media haters trolling you. They will despise you for whatever reason.

The papps and fans will search through your rubbish bins hoping to find anything which has information or anything valuable like TV scripts or hand-written notes. Some are looking for far more personal items such as anything which holds DNA or hair on. These could be very valuable on auction sites. In the beginning, it’s fun and exciting but as the years go by, it becomes a never-ending security nightmare.

Food for thought. When eating in restaurants, staying in hotels or ordering take-outs, would you ever think about what the chef might do to your food because of something you may have said or done!

They may despise you for a character you played, or they don’t like you. Either way, be always mindful because there are some food “additives” that are not recommended!

Idris Elba: “Fame makes you paranoid”.

Finding people to trust will be difficult

You’ll soon know who your genuine friends are at a price, because finding true love will get harder. Will they love you for whom you are or your celebrity status? Family and associates will be jealous/envious of your wealth an/or success.

Once you’re famous, your celebrity status will rise and fall. Take a look at those who’ve achieved the ‘A’ List before they dropped to the ‘Z’ List. They’re always trying to get back on the A-list again. Some Z-Listers get invited to appear on celebrity reality shows. Others get there via sex and drug scandals — sex tapes leaked on the Internet — fighting with other celebs or the paparazzi. Or the easy way is to appear on a reality show. Anything for attention and the press exposure to become publicly well-known again.

Once you’re famous, all the secrets you thought were hidden in the closet will be revealed by those who know you, because everyone has a price and the papps/press will pay for the truth. The culprits can be family and associates who are jealous/envious of your wealth an/or success.

It’s a fantastic feeling to be featured in magazines, but not with the titles, “Celebrities In Therapy” or “Celebrity Secrets revealed”, so be cautious who you trust. You want to be rich and famous, not rich and shameless!

Gigi Hadid: “You lose a lot of friends“.

Continued: Finding people to trust will be difficult

Any tweets or Facebook posts you’ve made in the past that are racist or homophobic could ruin your career so delete them. Be cautious of what you say-and-do in front of friends and “frenemies” who may be secretly recording every conversation you make which could come back to bite and haunt you when you’re famous. Note: Blackmail still exists.

It’s getting much harder for famous people to have any privacy these days. Practically everyone carries a video-recorder (mobile phone) which can capture your every move. Either on holiday or staying at a hotel, people will invade your space you think is private.

Your activities and location revealed and posted on social network sites or even streamed live via various video streaming apps and websites. It will be hard to take time-out and holiday somewhere unless you can afford those secluded, more secure holiday locations.

Final thoughts

Most famous people will have other skills, jobs or a business. They know that fame can last for just 15 minutes. When someone famous turns bad, no-one will want to work with them. Many well-known actors have been “killed-off” because of their off-screen bad behaviour, and they’re never heard from again. Radio stations won’t play their songs. The TV networks stop airing anything they’ve been in and when all income and any royalties they receive cease. How will they keep up that expensive lifestyle?

When you’re famous, you never know what’s around the corner. Drug and alcohol problems have ruined many a profession. Falling out with band-mates, your manager or work colleagues. An injury could ruin your acting and sports career. You could lose your voice, your marbles.

Other potential problems to be aware of is plastic surgery problems, severe over-or-underweight issues due to the stress of work or life have turned many notoriously famous people into reclusive. Falling out with family and friends who have money, drug or alcohol problems, get fed up with the paparazzi attention or tire from the whole business completely.

These are some reasons why fame, does not last or pay for everyone. Think about what you really want to do because you can still be very rich and successful without the fame. Good luck.

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