Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

After the World Cup 2019 gets over, the biggest question in Indian Cricket Team is that Should Dhoni has to take retirement and chances will be given to the Youngsters.

My view on this is that As with all great players, Dhoni must be left free to play as long as he wants to. But like with all the players, it is the selectors who must take a call on his future as Indian Player. But this call must emerge from discussion with Kohli. The high commands that respect. At this peak, Dhoni would never have taken two months off to train with the Territorial army. But as with all of us, priorities change. We should have a clear direction by September when South Africa is here. But hopefully, the selectors have been talking to him, and we don’t need to speculate. 

It’s an unusual thing that he is doing; ordinary people can’t do these things. Every person’s perspective changes when he grows old, his mindset and his way of thinking also changes, and this is what MS Dhoni is doing right now, and there is nothing wrong in it. 

Now the question is that What Indian Cricket Team and the Selectors have to do now? 

First of all me and you will not decide when MSD has to take retirement, it’s his career, and it’s decisions, so it’s up to him to consider retirement. But selectors have given work to design a complete roadmap for Big Tournament. The world T20 cup is next year, and selectors have to make an entire core team for World T20. 

Do selectors see MS Dhoni is T20 World Cup 2020? 

We can this when South Africa comes home. If he is in the team and the playing XI, then we can say selectors are seeing him for the 2020 World Cup. 

From my point of view, if selectors are not seeing him for the 2020 World cup, he should have to be in the squad because his guidance to the young emerging players is essential. MS Dhoni A “Class Act,” Virat Kohli needs his leadership and the Rishabh pant too, who is going to take his place in the Indian Cricket Team. 

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