How to work on friendships that almost died during lockdown  | The Times of India

The restrictions that we are all put in due to the pandemic have led to a widespread feeling of loneliness. And since the lockdown keeps extending month after month, the feeling of isolation is doing more harm than good. The pandemic has strained some friendships due to lack of get togethers and personal bonding time like before. So many people have lost their friends and there’s a big number of people who knowingly broke lockdown rules just so that they could see their friends out of feeling isolation.

Just like any other relationship in your life, friendship also requires great commitment. And in these times when we are helpless and restricted, long-distance friendships can turn out to be a failure if one of you stops communicating. The issue only starts to persist when you or your friend stops making an effort to just be in touch. However, there are a few ways through which you can make sure that your friendship remains constant even while staying apart.

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