How to Make a Memory Quilt

Commemorative Quilts

Have you ever heard of a memory quilt? These are quilts made to commemorate someone or something special as a lasting memento. I have many quilts that were made by my grandmother and great aunts, these too evoke memories. I can look at my quilts and remember dresses that were made for me and my Barbie® dolls forty-five years ago. My grandmother would sew together the small pieces of fabric whilst sitting next to her husband watching Jeopardy. She didn’t need to look at the screen to call out the answers. She just kept quilting. This was part of her nightly ritual, for many years, and although she has now passed away, her handiwork still holds a pride of place in the homes of my family.

Quilts holds memories and it is this, I believe, that makes them so special as no commercially produced bedding can achieve this level of attachment.

Events to commemorate with a memory quilt

Many events can be commemorated by making a quilt. Weddings, anniversaries, births, deaths, graduations just to name a few. The key is to gather items together that are special to the person that will be receiving it. If you aren’t sure, ask their friends and family for ideas.

I have a video below that shows just how easy it is to print a photo onto fabric to be used for your quilt. Using this method, you can create stunning keepsakes, for yourself, friends and family.

Although I am using the word quilt, which usually means to stitch layers together with a batting between, it doesn’t have to be like that. You can merely applique this onto fabric to make a large wall hanging or a cover for the bed. The end product can be whatever you wish.

Use items that are memorable

If someone has passed away, a good thing to do with the t-shirts is to make this type of quilt. You don’t have to know how to sew, there are people who can do the this for you. If you supply the t-shirts, the notions and the fabric for the seamstress, she will be able to create something totally unique and unforgettable.

The reason to use t-shirts is everyone has their favorites. Some have quirky sayings on them reflecting the interests or sense of humor of the person that passed away. It is this part of the shirt that will be used to form the front design.

There may be t-shirts from favorite bands, beers, or even fishing t-shirts. If these were left as t-shirts they might be given away to a charity shop such as Goodwill. By creating this quilt, they will be on view and hopefully help with the healing and grief process .

Memory of graduation

A memory quilt can also be made to commemorate a graduation as well.

Print graduation photographs onto fabric and put these into a quilt. The school logo, the year of graduation. Maybe even a report card! If the student participated in any clubs or sports, these should go onto the quilt as well.

Remember for printing, it doesn’t have to be just photographs, it can be artwork as well. If you aren’t skilled at art, there are many clip art sites on the internet where you can download them and some are even free.

Wedding quilt

Wouldn’t this make a fantastic wedding gift! You could show pictures of the couple together. Things they enjoy together. A picture of wedding rings.

You could use their invitation and print this onto to fabric to be stitched in. . If you have pictures from their youth, these too can be included on the quilt. Ask the families if they have any photos that would be suitable. You will only be scanning them so there will be no damage to the photo and it can be returned to them.

One suggestion is to include a tree , this could represent the start of a family tree. Be sure to include the married name.

Baby’s first year quilt

What can be more special than your baby’s first year? It will fly by and before you know it. Keep those memories safe by making them into a quilt . This could be the blanket that your little one came home from the hospital in or squares of their pajamas or clothing. Photographs are of course important, but what a wonderful way to have something to hold on to. This is something that can become an heirloom and perhaps given to them when they are older.

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