How to Build musclemass in 3months 100%Guaranteed

The topic is about The Science behind gaining weight. How Skinny or Hargainers can bulk up properly and what problems they face while gaining weight and its solution, And all doubts about gaining weight will be cleared. So Skinny or Hardgainer’s problem is difficulty in gaining weight. This is because you’re Undereating and not feeding enough calories that your body requires.

Your body burns off the calories very quickly compared to others so So you need alot of energy/calories in order to grow and develop.

You guys are genetically very blessed. You won’t gain weight fast BUT with proper planning and execution its possible to gain weight easily and in a healthy way. Your Assumption: “I am eating enough but I don’t gain weight”. NO. That’s your assumption alone. Definitely, if you consume more calories than your body burns You will gain weight for sure.

Let’s do this Practically All our meals are classified into these three Macros, that is Protein Carbs and Fats. So hard gainers can put on weight by consuming more healthy fats In the next clip I have added all the foods that we eat on a regular basis classified under these 3 Macros.

Skinny / Hard Gainers can put on weight just by adding more Fats into their diet. I have left out Peanut Butter here, so just add that one also.

I have divided the Carbs intro Simple & Complex Skinny / Hard Gainers can have more Simple carbs and get benefited So add more Simple Carbs in your diet. A

Right, So i will tell you How and in what proportional you will have to eat these Macros with a live example So Protein we are taking as 1.5 x Body Weight So Fats we are taking as x2 of Bodyweight as you’re a Hard Gainer.

FATS = 86* Grams You don’t have to follow in the same ratio You can increase the protein and reduce the carbs. But don’t go below 1.5g x BW of Protein and consume maximum fats and remaining calories you can allocate for Carbs. This just an example and this is how you set your Ratio for Fats, Protein and Carbs Don’t complicate it much You just need to know your Maintenance Calories and Add 300- 500 calories above the Maintenance Calories So you’re in a Caloric Surplus now If you keep eating in Surplus over the time you will gain weight for sure. 2500 calories are alot.

So I have put up a Sample Indian diet chart. You don’t have to follow this ditto but its enough if you eat as such. If the pic is not clear increase the resolution else no worries I have posted it below. Check it out Coconut is high in fat, so this can help you put on weight. You don’t have to measure or weigh any veggies or veg gravy. You can have them more.

Just by eating these, you will be getting 2520+ Calories You can take your Protein, Fats in Carbs in any proportion but keep the protein 1.5gx of B.W and stay in a caloric surplus You can consume what food is convenient to you. This sample diet chart is for that 17-year-old boy’s. You can prepare a diet of your own.

While I was bulking, I used to consume 3400 calories every day. During that time this weight gainer shake was very helpful for me.

Having these many excess calories over the time you will go from Skinny to Skinny Fat only. So use these excess calories/energy to build muscles just by doing some basics home workout. J

Pushups, Pullups, and Squats alone can help you put on mass if you’re a beginner. Invest in a good pullup bar 5. The main thing that everyone fails here. Only if you’re consistent you will get to see results. I preach this all time. CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY. See fitness as a Long term Goal and enjoy the process.

I would like to end it with a small story Eight years back my Dad asked me to opt for Commerce with Mathematics in School. But I was adamant that I will choose Physical Education only. But now I have taught you guys some Mathematics. If you didn’t understand, watch it one more time You will definitely get it. And all these days you would have felt bad for being skinny.

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