The coronavirus outbreak has left most of us doing nothing. While people that are educated and have jobs are being paid regardless of working from home are fortunate right now, there are companies around the globe that are not offering such benefits, even considering the current situation. In a time like this, when nothing and no one is working, but our bills are still piling up, we are looking for that extra cash. Most of the turn to google to guide us. We’ve all heard about part-time jobs from home or work from home jobs, online and offline typing, captcha verifying form filling, and just data entry in general. 

A very often mistake we humans, or rather Indians make, is that we get carried away. We want to grab that first job that we see. We hesitate at first, but we end up making a mistake anyway. 

The first thing to notice in a data entry job offering website or company to verify whether or not it is genuine is to check whether or not it is registered with the government. This information will be anywhere mentioned on the website openly if it is valid. We need to make decisions and choose one of those many sites and companies providing long term data entry works from the comfort of your home. All of them might not be roads or cheaters. If a company is confident enough to put up its client’s payment proofs, there is a good chance it is genuine. Such companies also ask for a prior security deposit, which is refundable later, or so they say. The deposit amount varies from 1,000/- to 6,000/- usually.

Ther are many companies that provide such jobs, and on research, some extremely misleading companies are also discovered. The shocking thing is that even when our entire nation is facing this pandemic, and everyone is battling different things, some financially some emotionally and some physically. These unethical people have no shame in cheating their citizens for their benefits. 

Check thoroughly who you pay a security deposit to, because for us it might be a mere 1,500/- Rs. But the company makes more such money by cheating thousands like us. If you ever feel like you were wronged, do not let it rest and give up. Mail, contact, do anything until the company attends your concern and comes to a settlement. If not, feel free to report the Bank Account you transferred the money to, to its respective bank. This might not immediately get the company to refund your money, but at least they will feel threatened.

Now, some of us might think that if the company has a separate bank account in the name of itself, it is likely to be genuine. Well, it is not always the case. So, if you are ever trapped in such a situation and do not know how to handle it, start with trying to contact the company and telling them you know you have been wronged.

Keep the above things in mind if you are desperate to do something in this pandemic. Be smart, and act wisely. We people are not the only ones being fooled by such cheaters. 

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