Are you want to make $500 per day for just answering questions?

Make $500+ money per day for just answering real questions!

Assala-Mu-Alaikum (peace be upon you)

Hope you are well by the grace of almighty Allah (“the most glorified, the highest”)


If you are struggling to make money online for many times, this excellent post is for you!

Like everyone, I tried so much to find a platform where I can make money very only per day.

But at last, by the grace of almighty Allah (“the most glorified, the highest”), I found a fabulous website that gives money for just answering real questions.

It’s a unique website where you will get paid for answering what you know and what fields you are expert in.

In this website, you will find so many real questions in various fields such as:

  • Science
  • Arts
  • Computer Science
  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Economics
  • English
  • Law
  • Engineering
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • History
  • Statistics

You just need to have a computer/laptop and even a smartphone to start your huge earing today! The registration process is straightforward. Just enter with your Gmail/Facebook/email and get access to this great money earning site. They approve your account instantly.

Site’s benefit:

  • Free for worldwide
  • Free to get registered
  • Less work, huge earning
  • Straightforward to solve/answering questions
  • Infinity questions for answering
  • Work from anywhere and anytime
  • Amazing support from admins
  • The more you solve questions, the more you earn
  • Question’s value ($ 0.50 to $150+)
  • Minimum payout only $20
  • Easy to withdraw your money from Paypal, Payoneer, Bank transfer

So, don’t miss this website. I am personally using it, and it’s an excellent platform for earning. Just imagine if you will answer at least 50 questions, and the average rating is $10. Then you will get (50*10= $500) at a day!

There are a few critical “FAQ,” which are shared from the School Solver website. Read these for more information:

How does this site work?

Ans: This site connects people who need help with their assignments and assignment solvers. You simply post your question, and multiple tutors will post their step by step explanations to your question. You can then purchase whichever answer that fits within your budget. Think of it as the ‘eBay’ of homework or a premium version of Yahoo Answers.

 How much does this cost?

Ans: It’s entirely up to you! When asking a question, simply assign how much you are willing to pay. If you find that your not receiving help, it is most likely because you are offering too little for a difficult question.

 How do I get paid?

 Ans: When you find a question worth answering, add your answer to the problem. This will notify the question author, and to access your solution, they will have to buy it. Once they have, you will receive money in your School Solver account. To withdraw money from your account, payments are done via Paypal and can be requested on your account page.

 Is it possible to get paid to ask questions?

Ans: It sure is. We call it the kickback system where for every question you ask, we keep track of how many times a solution is purchased to that answer. For every time a response is purchased more than three times, we give you a percentage of the answer cost. For example, say you ask a question, and somebody else posts an answer for 10$. Well, after the third time that solution has been purchased we’ll give you 10% of the answer price, so in this case 1$. And this continues so every time it’s purchased we’ll give you an additional 1$. So the best way to earn money by asking questions is to keep asking questions.

Are there are any fees commissions?

Ans: We charge no fees for depositing money into your account, asking or answering a question, or even buying answers. We only charge a 20% commission on every solution purchased and a 2% withdrawal fee for withdrawing money from your account. So, for instance, if you post an answer for 20$, you would receive 16$ if someone bought it.

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