Walking is something that we all do every day, but most people don’t look at walking as a legitimate way to lose weight, burn fat and maintain a healthy weight. Usually, when we picture someone doing whatever it takes to lose weight, we don’t imagine somebody walking, instead, we usually picture someone running as hard as they can on the treadmill covered in sweat.

Since most people are undervaluing the benefits that walking can have on their bodies, we want to go over exactly what you can expect to happen if you simply take a 30-minute walk every day. Actually walking every day can help you lose weight well, walking is not as hard as running or even jogging.

It still considered a low to moderate form of aerobic exercise and if you walk either at a faster pace or for longer distances or walk very often like every day in all these cases you’ll be adding a good amount of extra calories to your deficit.

You may have heard saying that you can’t outrun a bad diet, so you’re probably thinking that it’s very unlikely that you’ll be out walking a bad diet any time soon,

When people start thinking like 80% of your results come from that diet it devalues the powerful effects that consistent exercises bring to the table.

Walking is probably the most simple and popular exercise, as it can be done almost everywhere and on time. You’re just taking one step uses about a third of our body’s muscles. The recommended amount of steps that should be taken in a day is around 10,000, which is walking about eight kilometers.

However, an average office person only takes up to 3,000 steps a day, which means they are far from receiving the walk benefits.

The benefits of walking:

  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Reduce the chance of diabetes
  • Lowers your LDL cholesterol
  • Increases fitness and strengthens bones
  • Improve your mood
  • Reduce stress and helps lose weight as well as maintain an ideal weight

Also walking acts as a natural healer, meaning your body can heal diseases just by walking, and it can be said that is better than medicine and improves that immune system expels your body’s waste.

On average, every minute that you do walk can prolong your life between 1.5 to 2 minutes. Not only is walking free but studies also show that it can save up to 50% on your healthcare cost compared to those who didn’t walk regularly, it is a great investment that we encourage you all to do, a great way to start is to take the 10,000 step challenge.

8 great Benefits of Walking every day

1. Help metabolism

Walking daily for 30 minutes or more burns those extra calories. Brisk walking reduces the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, etc.

2. Benefits arteries

It helps to relax and to contract of arteries presenting cardiovascular risk. Regular walks increased boned into the best prevents osteoporosis.

3. Controls blood sugar

A 15-minute walk after meals helps control blood sugar and reduces levels in the blood resulting in a healthy heart.

4. Assists in chronic diseases

Maintain good health and people with heart disease diabetes, prostate or breast cancer. Studies show people with kidney diseases are less likely to mean dialysis or kidney transplant.

5. Less in fact pain and injuries

Regular rocks certainly help lessen the chronic lower back pain. People who walk are less likely to sustain a musculoskeletal injury.

6. Eases knee osteoarthritis pain

Walking eases pain and stiffness due to knee osteoarthritis but also strengthens muscles which take the pressure off the knee joints.

7. Boosts Creativity

Walking outdoors boosts a free flow of creative ideas compared to sitting. Walking in pleasant surroundings reduces depression and anxiety.

8. Improves mood

Walking relaxes the mind, promoting more enthusiasm for work. Walking also helps in peaceful and good night’s sleep.


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