We have been listening to the stories of Mahabharata since childhood; we have been watching on television, yet we all don’t know much about Mahabharata because The Mahabharata is one of the huge books composed by Veda Vyasa. There are a million verses in this book.

Today I will tell you some similar stories of Mahabharata, which you may have never heard before. So let’s start with Mama Shakuni. We all believe that Shakuni was the most generous benefactor of The Kauravas, whereas it is the complete opposite. Shakuni was the biggest reason for the destruction of the Kauravas, it was the preparation of the Mahabharata war to end the dynasty of the Kauravas. But why did he do this? To know the answer, we will have to start the story from the marriage of  Dhritrashtra and Gandhari.

I. Shakuni was the reason for the destruction of the Kauravas : 

According to a monk, she was married to a goat earlier. After. The goat was sacrificed. This thing was hidden at the time of Gandhari’s marriage. When Dhritrashtra came to know about this, he imprisoned Ganghara King, Subala, and his 100 sons and tortured them a lot.

One by one, all the sons of Subala started dying. They were given only a handful of rice to eat. Subala prepared his youngest son Shakuni for vengeance. Everybody used to give their share of rice to Shakuni so that he could survive and destroy the Kauravas. Before his death, Subala pleaded with Dhristrashtra to leave Shakuni, to which Dhritrashtra accepted. Subala told Shakuni to make dice of his backbone, that dice became the cause of the destruction of the Kaurava dynasty.

Shakuni won the trust of everyone in Hastinapur and became the guardian of 100 Kauravas. He not only provoked the Duryodhana against Yudhisthira but also formed the basis of the war of Mahabharata.

II. Due to a boon, Draupadi became the wife of five husbands : 

Draupadi was a safe wife named Indrasena in our previous button. Her husband Sant Maudgalya died soon after. She then prayed to Lord Shiva to fulfill her wishes. When Lord Shiva appeared in front of her, she was terrified and asked for her groom 5 times. Lord Shiva gave her five husbands in the next life.

III. Dhritrashtra was born blind due to a curse : 

Dhritarashtra was a very cruel King in his previous birth. One day he saw that a swan in the river was wondering with his children comfortably. He ordered that the eye of that goose be broken and his children should be killed. That is why he was born blind in the next life and his son also died in the same way as that swan.

IV. Abhimanyu was the soul of Kalayavan demon : 

It said that Abhimanyu was the soul over a demon named call Kalayavan. Krishna killed Kalayavan and tied his soul in his corsets. He took that garment with him to Dwaraka and kept it in the cupboard. When Subhadra (Arjun’s wife) accidentally opened the cupboard, a flame lit her womb and she fainted. For this reason, Abhimanyu was told only halfway to penetrate the Chakravyuh so that he could be killed in it.

VI. Pandavas are the dead body of their father as per Pandu’s wish : 

Pandu was knowledgeable. He could read se past, present and future. Hazel lost Vishal was that have five sons should eating dead bodies so that the knowledge acquired went to his five sons. Only Sahadev ate three parts of his brain, obeying the father’s wish. By eating the first piece, Sahadev got to know about the past, eating the second piece, about the present and the third piece, about the future. Although there is also a belief that five Pandavas had eaten the dead body but the most part was eaten by Sahadeva.

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