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Md. Bakir Hossain

Jul 16, 2020, 2:47 PM

1. Stationery shop: Stationery shop near to any school, college, university, or any educational institution is very profitable. Books, Notebooks, Pens and all kinds of educational materials as well as photocopying, printing can be arranged. Then it will be perfect. It is straightforward to make a profit through this business. The risk in this business is shallow. So if you are a beginner, this business is perfect for you. It is an essential and risk-free business.

2. Fresh fruit juice shop: Adulterated food is a massive problem in any area. If diluted fresh fruit juice can be brought to the market, then the business can be successful quickly. The most challenging step is to collect adulterated fruit. The success of those who can pass this step is inevitable. Because of the hot weather, intense heat, everyone will want to cool the body by drinking a little fresh fruit juice. You should choose a suitable place in your town for this business. An educational area or business area will be best for your shop.

3. Laundry service: Due to the busyness of our daily life and due to lake of time, our dirty clothes no longer being washed. So professional laundry service to get started with solving this problem. Services such as washing, ironing, and home delivery can be provided. Making it easy to find service recipients. This requires meager capital. But you should be very careful about your services such as delivery, pricing, and commitment.

4. Mobile food court: The best part of this business is that when there is a crowd of people, you can come there with your services. For example, in the morning you can go in front of a school with a tiffin, in the afternoon near a park or lake. It is easily possible to make a profit in this business only if you plan exactly what food you will sell at what time and where maintain good quality to achieve your target of success.

 5. Bed and Breakfast: The concept of bed and breakfast is very well known in developed countries like Europe and America. It is not well known in developing countries yet. The idea is that someone has come to near your city for some work, he is looking for a place to stay overnight at a low cost. If a bed or room in your house is empty, you can rent him your room or bed and also give him breakfast.

The path to success is never smooth. So it is essential to think positively to return a long way to success. As an entrepreneur, if you can think of everything positively, then you can easily reach your goal. If you want to be successful, you have to walk a long way, and you will be able to achieve success with more effort. You can become a successful person with hard work and talent.

Remember that success without risk is uncertain. So always keep yourself ready.

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