30+ Most Useful Windows Key Shortcut Every Computer User Must Know

If you are an everyday computer user, then you must have known about the windows key. What if I ask you what is the use of windows key? You might say it is just to open the start menu. If you think this is only the use of the windows key, then you cannot deny the fact that you don’t know to use a computer. If you want to be a power user, you should not deny the usefulness of hot windows key. They improve your everyday work and help you save your time. This can make your finger work lightening fast on the keyboard.


First, let’s know what the Windows key is:

The windows key is the standard key on most of the keyboards on computers built to use the windows operating system. It has a Microsoft logo on it and is found between Left Ctrl key and Alt key. Alternatively, it is referred to as WINKEY or WK. Pressing the Windows key itself opens the start menu. Holding down the Windows key and pressing another key to trigger a keyboard shortcut can speed up your common tasks. For Example, pressing WK+E → Opens windows explorer.

Some Basic Uses of WINKEY


  1. WINKEY+ F1 → Opens Microsoft Windows help and support center
  2. WINKEY+ Pause/Break key → Opens the system properties window
  3. WINKEY+ D → Display and hide the Windows desktop
  4. WINKEY+ F → Displays the Windows search or find feature
  5. WINKEY+ Ctrl+ F→ Display the screen for computer Windows
  6. WINKEY+ L→ Lock the computer and switch users if needed
  7. WINKEY+ M→ Minimizes all Windows
  8. WINKEY+ Shift+ M → Undo the change done by WK+M, WK+D
  9. WINKEY+ R→ Open the run Windows
  10. WINKEY+ U→ Opens the Utility Manager or the task of Access Center


  11. WINKEY+ 1-0: Pressing the Windows key and top row number key from 1-0, opens the program corresponding to the number of program icon on taskbar. For Example: If the first icon in the taskbar is Chrome; pressing WK+1 would open that program or switch to it if it is already open.
  12. WINKEY+ (+) or (-): Opens the Windows Magnifier and zoom in with the plus(+) symbol and zoom out with the minus(-) symbol.
  13. WINKEY+ Esc : Closes the magnifier
  14. WINKEY+ Home : Minimize all the windows except active windows
  15. WINKEY+ P : Change between the monitor and projection display types or how second screen displays computer      screen
  16. WINKEY+ T : Set the focus in the taskbar icon
  17. WINKEY+ Left arrow : Shrinks the Window 1/2 screen or the left side for side by side viewing*
  18. WINKEY+ Right arrow : Shrinks the window to 1/2 screen or the right side for side by side viewing*               

           *This is also referred as split screen (like in mobile phones)


  1. WINKEY+ • (dot) : Snap a windows app to the sides of screen. Pressing it multiple times will switch between right and left side of screen or unsnap the app
  2. WINKEY+ Enter : Opens the Windows narrator
  3. WINKEY+ C : Open the charms
  4. WINKEY+ G : Cycle through the desktop
  5. WINKEY+ H :  Open share in charms
  6. WINKEY+ I : Opens settings in charms
  7. WINKEY+ J : Switch between snapped apps
  8. WINKEY+ K : Open devices in charms
  9. WINKEY+ O : Locks the screen orientation                

     If you want to know what charm is, see this picture below :                        


  1. WINKEY+ A : Opens the Windows 10 Action center
  2. WINKEY+ G : Opens the Game bar (only works if game is running)
  3. WINKEY+ I : Opens Windows 10 setting Window
  4. WINKEY+ S : Opens Windows search utility
  5. WINKEY+ ,(comma) : Peek at the Windows desktop
  6. WINKEY+X: Opens the power user menu, which gives you access to many of the features. Most power user would want to use such as Device Manager, Control Panel, Event Viewer, Command Prompt and much more.
  7. WINKEY+ Alt+ PrtSc : Take a snap of your current desktop or you can call it screenshot .                                                                                          

What to do if your Windows key are not working?

You can try the following steps to troubleshoot the problem :

  • If only one Windows key is not working, the key is either broken or dirty
  • Make sure that pressing the Windows key with another letter do not work
  • If you have a keyboard with Fn key, make sure it is turned off
  • Reboot the computer.

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