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The first few words we associate with mother are ‘love’, ‘care’ and ‘concern’. Let’s admit – no one in the world can be more concerned than a mother. From our basic needs to all those unsaid words – mom knows and understands it all. Food delivery app Zomato recently stirred one such emotion in us with one of their latest tweets. Zomato has always been known for their out-of-the-box social media campaigns, most of which are much relatable. Keeping up with the traditional, they recently took to Twitter to post, “khana kha liya? (Had your meal?)” And it instantly reminded us of those calls from our moms during a busy afternoon, asking, “Have you had your lunch? Do not skip it.” Much relatable? Check out the tweet.Also Read: Zomato Asks People To Name Indian Dish They Wished Had No Calories; Aussie Journalist Responds  khana kha liya?— zomato (@zomato) June 6, 2021The tweet instantly went all over the internet garnering almost 4k likes, 1k retweets and 2.3k comments. Twitter users related to the tweet and left some amusing and heart-felt comments below. “Yes mommy,” read a comment. “Thanks for your concern…I personally appreciate your service. Since I joined u, I have never ordered from other platforms.. dil se sukriya,” read another comment. A third user wrote, “Real ID se aao Mummy (come from your own account mummy).”Earlier, another such post by Zomato that won hearts on the internet was when they uploaded an appreciation note on Instagram, thanking every person who came forward and helped each other out during the peak of the Covid-19 second wave.Zomato shared a short video clip that featured screenshots of various social initiatives and wrote alongside, “Sending good vibes to everyone”. The video also reads, “Guess what’s spreading faster than the pandemic? Humanity.” Take a look:What are your thoughts on these relatable posts? Let us know in the comments below.
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