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Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal Turned "Delivery Boy" On New Year's Eve; Shared Experience 1
All celebrations call for good food. Earlier people used to make special dishes at home, now we all choose to get them delivered from restaurants to our doorstep. Imagine the rush of food deliveries on new year’s eve when everyone was in celebratory mode. Zomato got a flurry of food delivery requests and the company’s CEO Deepinder Goyal jumped in to manage it. He turned into a food delivery agent to help his staff and shared his experience on Twitter through a series of tweets.  (Also Read: Pune Man Orders Food Worth Rs 28.6 Lakh In 2022: Zomato Shares)Deepinder Goyal, in his first tweet, revealed that he turned into a food delivery agent for the evening. He wrote, “Going to deliver a couple of orders on my own right now. Should be back in an hour or so.” He also changed his bio to “delivery boy” for Zomato and Blinkit. Going to deliver a couple of orders on my own right now. Should be back in an hour or so.— Deepinder Goyal (@deepigoyal) December 31, 2022Also Read: Man Walks With Camel To Drive-Through To Order Fast Food, And Internet is AmusedInterestingly, Deepinder Goyal’s first delivery order took him to Zomato’s office. He shared a picture of himself donning the company’s uniform – the famous red jacket with its logo plastered on the front. He can be seen carrying food parcels for delivery. Take a look: My first delivery brought me back to the zomato office. Lolwut!— Deepinder Goyal (@deepigoyal) December 31, 2022A few hours later, Deepinder Goyal was back in the office and revealed that he delivered four orders in the evening, one to an elderly couple celebrating New Year’s eve with grandchildren. He was happy to announce that Zomato achieved new milestones on December 31, 2022, with the number of the day’s orders crossing the total orders of the first three years of the food delivery app! Fun fact: orders delivered today >> sum of all orders delivered in the first 3 years of our food delivery service.— Deepinder Goyal (@deepigoyal) December 31, 2022In their 2022 round-up report, Zomato declared biryani as India’s most ordered item. It was no different on new year’s eve. Goyal revealed that 16,514 biryanis (roughly 15 tonnes) were delivered by Zomato that day. (Also Read: India Ordered 2 Biryanis Every Second In 2022: Swiggy Report)Earlier, Deepinder Goyal had shared how there had been a lot of rush at the office since the morning. He said that the entire team was surviving on glucose and caffeine.Been a mad rush at the office since the morning. Entire team’s been surviving on glucose and caffeine since the early hours.— Deepinder Goyal (@deepigoyal) December 31, 2022Also, orders are not slowing down. High stress environment in the office. Glad I was away for the last 90 minutes 🤓— Deepinder Goyal (@deepigoyal) December 31, 2022Concluding the night, he thanked all the customers, restaurant partners, delivery partners and the team for a fruitful 2022.  Featured Video Of The DayChilli Garlic Paratha Recipe | How To Make Chilli Garlic Paratha

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