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Moore-Gerald apologised saying that he didn’t want to stop posting content on his YouTube channel.Police in Greenville, US, are trying to find a man who hit a woman in the face with a plate of whipped cream. According to a Facebook post by Greenville Police Department, officers were called last week to an assault near the Main Street bridge after a woman walking on the sidewalk, pushing her child in a stroller, got hit with a plate full of whipped cream. The police department said that there have been “multiple such instances”. They even released a photo of the man responsible for the crime. Later, according to WSPA news outlet, the police identified the suspect as 22-year-old Andre Eugene Moore-Gerald of Greenville. They issued a warrant for his arrest on misdemeanour assault and battery charge. The authorities informed that they identified the suspect through a surveillance clip and his YouTube videos, under the name “Savage_dre”, of a similar incident where he was wearing the same clothing. It is to mention that Mr Moore-Gerald’s YouTube channel shows two “pie in the face” prank videos posted earlier this month, including one clip in which he enters a movie theatre but exists without attacking anyone after an employee asks him to leave. He called the act a “social experiment”. The prankster then took aim at a woman pulling a cart and attacked her from behind, shoving a plate full of whipped cream in her face before running off. This week, Mr Moore-Gerald even posted an apology video on social media saying that he didn’t want to stop posting content to his channel. “I did not mean to cause no harm to nobody,” he said. “Really, it was just a prank,” he added. Now, the cops are still looking for Mr Moore-Gerald. According to New York Post, the police went to his last known address, however, he wasn’t at the residence. The woman who was attacked, on the other hand, was not injured. 

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