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While we wait for Sony to release any information at all about the PS5 Pro, there are some interesting and exciting changes arriving in an upcoming software update. YouTuber Mystic shared details about the update in a video Thursday, which, among other changes, includes a battery widget and the ability to choose a live wallpaper for the Explore tab.

Speaking of the Explore tab, this update is all about that section of your PS5. Aside from sporting a new look, it also details new information, such as battery indicators for your controllers and connected peripherals, such as the Pulse Elite. There’s also a Console Storage tab here, which gives you a preview of your storage situation, and will take you to your storage settings if selected. Looking towards the right of the screen, you’ll find sections for game captures, game news, your wishlist (which you can scroll through), as well as online content, such as your friends list, your friends’ activities (including what games they’re playing and the trophies they’ve earned).

The Explore tab also now supports custom backgrounds, including screenshots as well as live wallpapers. Mystic showed off a few of the options, which are PlayStation themed and look nice as the background of the Explore tab. That said, these wallpapers disappear when switching out of the Explore tab, so don’t expect to set a wallpaper for your entire PS5. (Man, I miss themes.) You can choose whether the explore tab prioritizes the solo content or friend content, or a mix of both.

Since these changes primarily affect the Explore tab, it’s a U.S.-based update only for now. For some reason, Sony doesn’t make the Explore tab open to any other regions, so if you’re outside of the U.S., this update probably won’t affect your PS5 much.

This beta update follows the PS5’s System Update 9.00 last week, which added small changes, such as an improved microphone and louder speaker on the DualSense controller, new screen share options, and a brightness level setting for the console.

How to install beta software on PS5

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The update is currently in beta testing. If you want to try this software, in addition to future beta software, for yourself, you’ll need to register to be a beta tester with Sony. If selected, Sony will email you instructions for installing the beta on your PS5, which should involve redeeming a voucher sent via email.

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