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When you think of home security systems, that blue ADT sticker on windows probably comes to mind. ADT is one of the most popular home security systems, and now that they use Google devices with their service, it’s a great time for people in the Google ecosystem to jump in. Right now, ADT is offering people who sign up for its monthly security service, starting at $34.99 a month, a free Google Nest doorbell and a $100 Visa Reward card. You can keep both if you don’t like the service after the first month, but there are some caveats, so read carefully.

ADT’s Self Setup Home Security program is great for people who have Google Home devices already set up at their home (or would like to get started). The program also received an “excellent” review from PCMag. The service lets you choose between the “Build Your Own,” “Starter,” or “Premium” packages. They each let you pick and choose different Google Nest cameras, thermostats, smart hubs and other Google devices to set up your security system. As long as you are signed up for one of ADT’s video monitoring plans and have a purchase price of at least $500 from the equipment you choose (the “Premium” plan is automatically eligible), you are eligible for the free Google Nest and $100 Visa card promotion.

Reaching the $500 minimum purchase price is not hard to do, given how much these Google gadgets cost. The terms and conditions say if you choose the Self Setup security package plan, which starts you off with an ADT Smart Home Hub and an ADT door/window sensor for $194.98, you can cancel after one month and still keep all the equipment you purchased plus the freebies (as long as you meet the $500 minimum purchase price). If you choose the pro installation instead of doing it yourself, you will have to be on the subscription plan for at least 36 months.

The video monitoring service gives you access to view your own video footage and has intrusion detection and other features (the Pro Monitoring lets ADT take control of the door and window sensors and can call the police for certain triggers).

Screenshot of the equipment I chose to be eligible for the ADT promotion.

Credit: Daniel Oropeza

As you can see in the screenshot above, I chose a Google Nest camera, a wired indoor Google Nest camera, an ADT motion sensor monitor, and an ADT window sticker to reach the $500 minimum to be eligible for the free Google Nest Doorbell and the $100 Visa gift card. There are many combinations and different plans you can choose to be eligible for this promotion; the above is just one example and likely the cheapest possible example.

Although you can probably find some of these Google devices at discounts if you wait throughout the year, the free Google Nest and $100 gift card make this deal a great one for anyone looking to get or change their security system, especially if they like Google devices. This deal runs until Feb. 5.

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