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"Woman's Body Dragged, Cop Car Didn't Even Try...": Eyewitness To NDTV 1
Anjali Singh was riding her scooty in West Delhi when the car hit her and dragged her.New Delhi: As a young woman’s body was dragged on a Delhi road for an hour-and-a-half under a car that hit her scooty, a witness chased it and called the police more than 20 times about “a car that keeps making U-turns and driving on the same stretch”.“I told the PCR (Police Control Room) vans and pointed at the car, but they didn’t even try to catch it,” Deepak Dahiya, a local confectionary owner, told NDTV.Anjali Singh, 20, was riding her scooty in West Delhi when the car hit her and then dragged her for close to 12 kms.Disturbing CCTV footage has confirmed the witness’ account of the car dragging the body.“I opened my shop at 3.18 am. Suddenly I heard a noise from a grey car near the shop. I thought it had burst a tyre. Then I saw something stuck under the car. I realized it was a dead body. It was nude but there was black cloth underneath.”Mr Dahiya said he dialed the police emergency number, 112, immediately and reported the car and the body.“I couldn’t tell whether it was a woman, man or child. I told them there is a body stuck under a car but it’s constantly moving,” he said.Mr Dahiya was in touch with the police for 90 minutes. In that time, the car took three U-turns to return to the spot repeatedly, with the body trapped in its undercarriage.On the third turn, the body was freed from the car and fell on the road.“I took a turn too, to catch up with the car. I followed the car. When I passed a PCR van, I told them this is the car but there is no body under it anymore. I gave the car number. The police van was following me. The car crossed the police van at a speed of 20 km/hour. It had been driving in the area. But the PCRs did not even try to catch it. They ignored me,” Mr Dahiya said.The police said the body was found in such a horrific state that clothes and even the skin was ripped off.

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