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Internet called such a move “insane”, “outrageous” and “utter joke”.(Unsplash/Representative Photo)A mother recently claimed that her daughter had gotten into trouble because her iPad was at 93% when she arrived at her school. The parent, who goes by the name of Selina on Twitter, said that she was “flummoxed” by the decision of the school and asked others on social media if they had heard of “such nonsense”. Taking to social media, Ms Selina revealed that her daughter was put in detention because her iPad’s battery was at 93%. She said that the assistant head of the school has set the expectation that iPads be no lower than 97% or pupils will be “punished”. “I’m flummoxed,” the mother said. My daughter was issued a detention because her iPad, when she arrived at school, was 93%. The assistant head, who I’ve since emailed, has set the expectation that iPads be no lower than 97% or pupils will be punished.I’m flummoxed.Has anyone heard of such nonsense?— Selina (@Missy_E36) June 29, 2022Several social media users were left confused over why students were allegedly given a detention for an iPad having more than 90% charge. Some even called such a move “insane”, “outrageous” and “utter joke”. Also Read | Emirates Passengers Heard “Loud Bang” Before Hole In Aircraft Was DiscoveredOne user wrote, “This must have been lost in translation or something as is absolute madness. Even if the expectation was a more realistic percentage what a weird hill to die on!” To this, Ms Selina responded by saying, “I wish this was the case.” She even shared a screenshot she received from the school which stated that students with less than 97% battery charge will be sent to detention. In another tweet, the mother said that she had emailed the school, saying her daughter’s iPad being at 93% charge caused “no issues” to her learning and the device lasted for the entire day. “I do not wish to be one of those parents who questions a school and their behaviour police but I am struggling to understand the reasoning for such an archaic punishment when technically she has done nothing wrong here,” the mother wrote in the email. Also Read | 19th-Century Vampire-Slaying Kit Sparks International Bidding War At UK AuctionHowever, she shared that a response from the school said that “senior leadership” had told pupils to expect detentions for iPads with under 97% charge. The mother did not share the name of the school on social media. Click for more trending news

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